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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


The universe is a toolbox. Guns are not evil. People are not evil. Money is not evil. Capitalism is not evil. Communism is not good. Mother Theresa is not good. Peace is not good. There is no evil, no good.

Everything, yes, EVERY-THING, is a Tool. Including people. People are tools. Your body is your own tool as well. All of it is part of the Maya, the Matrix, which is the current world construction.

If you're a dumbass, you'll use money to buy apples and use people to fulfill your emotional needs. You'll use guns to kill and use your body for sex. You'll use airplanes for flying and imagination for drawing pictures. You'll use manipulation to gain power and use fear to garner obedience. You'll use your heart for love and your soul for the spiritual. You'll use your-self for your instincts and your dreams for fulfillment of self-destiny.

If you see nothing hilariously wrong with all the above-you've got it all very backwards.

If you wise up, you'll begin to see and understand everything and everyone for what function they fulfill-their true purpose, and ride on the wave of ultimate utilization.

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