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Sunday, August 29, 2010


After a lifetime of wondering and searching I believe I have come across, or rather internally realized, the secret of happiness.

In the complexity which is life, it appears happiness is simple at it's core.

I think I know what would make me deeply and richly happy, finally.
This doesn't fully cover it, but a random spurt at an early morning hour:

"To be with my love, committed, pure, eternal and true. To have my love be fulfilled in every way my love wants. To share our journey of life together. To live as one whilst simultaneously existing as individuals with our own individual existences.
To be surrounded by wild, untamed Nature. To be close to water. To have as little maintenance
stresses as possible, to be one with the universe and earth thru holistic living. To live modestly, simply, quietly, yet artfully.
To have just enough to keep the mind, body and heart nourished, but not in excess and not to become a slave of money
in order to fulfill materialistic needs. To have the freedom and resources to create whatever art, music, or other creations
of the soul and spirit at whatever time they come to the mind. To be surrounded by good, intelligent, stimulating individuals
in an environment that fosters creative and spiritual growth. To have equal amounts of solitude and interaction with good company.
To one day have spawn warriors born of these same values and truths and to foster them as pure individuals free to explore their own
paths in life. To be surrounded by animals. To keep the mind young and fresh with constant intellectual challenge. To keep learning
no matter at what age. To keep writing books of value and creating creations which are unedited and true
to the purpose within the self. To be open to all people and all which comes from life, embrace opportunities when they appear,
but to not be motivated by the ego. To not seek fame, money, recognition, power or artificiality, but be open-minded towards their manifestation.
To have time for internal self-realization alone time for spiritual growth every day. To keep the body alive and moving and be in a perpetual
state of health. To eat food of the earth and grow food from the earth. To not be concerned with perceptions, judgements, classifications, labels,
statuses or other categories of categorization that civilization likes to imprint upon the free human mind. To live peacefully, calmly, with as little
drama as possible. To dance. To laugh. To enjoy tiny moments of pleasure and grand moments of awe. To always keep an open mind and heart
no matter what one has seen, heard, done or experienced. To never become so jaded or cynical as to not appreciate the unique wonder of each sunset
and sunrise and see uniqueness in all wonders. To eradicate negative thoughts towards the self and towards others from the mind. To not ever allow oneself to become weighed down with the bothersome pety nuisances of life. To not be in a state of fear, paranoia, anger, sadness or doubt due to the self-knowledge that one is at all times true to oneself. To trust in the universe at all times and ride the wave of time and fatum.

To stay open. To share. To give. To grow. To love."

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