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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another one on the totem pole

Another delusioned being (of the alarmingly many) attempting to save the masses.

1.67 billion people have bought into it, despite all the "anti-scientology" protests.

There is a war actively going on. And it's not in Iraq. ;0


Steve said...

Love this Video its so cool to know that we (the population of the planet)can do something about it. For someone to improve their abilities then to show others how they too can have wins of similar magnitude is just awesome...... for those who don't understand Tom Cruise don't worry you will do when you have seen some of the tools within Scientology... phew, what can I say .. go look for yourself my friend and get some thing handled in your life, specially if you still haven't resolved that situation that you know is the one that you wish you could find the answer to.... Peace & Love, Steve ;)

TheAnomalyInfinite said...

and we have another idiot on the totem pole ladies and gentlemen.