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Saturday, August 07, 2010

ट्रस्ट यू

they call me trouble
I say, trouble, frees
I cause ruckus
I cause chaos
I instigate
I'll destroy the world
oh yes, I upheave the system
I like to throw a stick under the bicycle you're riding
I'll wreck the comforts
I'll fuck your brain into oblivion
everything you thought you knew,
you didn't.

Every time you sink into the masses,
every hour when you let yourself conform,
I'll be there to remind you
of your true self that you've ignored

break free of the illusory chains
don't allow your mind to be a puppet of the wrong ideals
be that which you were born to be
kiss no ass and fear nothing

the only power this world has of you
is if you believe in what you see
cast aside the obvious servitude
fight for liberty


I have no other way to be than that which is myself. It is as silly for me to attempt to change myself into that which I am not as it would be for a zebra to change itself into a hyena.

The phoenix burns alive, then it dies. Then it is born anew. Each time, rising higher, flying faster. There is no other way. This is difficult, the path towards internal realization, towards optimal utilization of the human vessel, but it is also beautiful.

The bird fights to free itself of the egg, and in doing so it is fulfilling the call of nature within it. Only when do we respond to Nature, and the impulses within ourselves, can we ever shatter the glass ceiling. What we are in essence longs to destroy that which holds us in fetal nurture. That warm belly of the mother, that warm belly of the system, which makes everything easy, makes everything simple. You must cut the umbellical cord which ties. For each individual, what that cord is connected to is different. But you will never be the ultimate version of your self unless you do so.

Most don't. Most live out their entire lives, die, and will never know the extent of what they could have reached. Their unfinished energies will come back and repeat the same ghastly cycle over and over again unless they stop it.

And what, is the point of being this "ultimate" version of the self? Because it is what the universe designed you for. You are no more in charge of your fate than a plant is. You are a seed and what you will become is already ingrained in your DNA the second you are born. You may become a rose, a venus fly trap, a potato, a redwood, an oak, a hydrangea, anything. But attempting to try to figure out just what it is you are "supposed" to be is ridiculous and arrogant. Which is why this societal structure of "choosing your identity" is hogwash. You don't Choose who you are. Your self already knows who you are. You Become who you are, Thru Choice, yes, but what you are and what your purpose is has already been premeditated eons ago. That is what you were fighting for when you were still inconceivable-a cell in your father's sperm, a spark in your mother's ovules. You being born into this current reality, this current world and this current universe is a confirmation that there is a Reason, why you are here. You do have the free will to either embrace that which you are, or ignore it; and sadly too many will ignore it. It is your Aim and Mission in life, to bloom the seed of yourself. And in a way that is wholly of yourself, not of what you are expected to become by the external paths of the masses. Sometimes, a person's fruition goes in line with the paths of the masses, and sometimes not. Only the true you knows, and you Must listen to it.

It is easy to fall into the trap of doubting the self. For many times the things which the self wants and imagines are entirely contrary to what the world around the self says. And if your belief of your self is not strong enough, you Will, end up on a path that is not your correct one-simply because you did not have the impetus strong enough to break free of the thing holding you. Do not despair, it will come if you let it, a solution will present itself if you look hard enough. Have no fear of anyone or anything, and most importantly-have no fear of yourself.

Always remember that>

Anyone, any-thing, any thought process or emotion, that tries to discourage you, from You, must be discarded and if necessary, destroyed.

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