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Thursday, August 05, 2010

I love you=fuck you=I love you=fuck you

Wo bist du / Where are you

Just tell me where - are you now
Just show me where - can I see you now
Our dreams were connected - the danger seemed a long time past
But time heals no wounds - and no path was too far for us

For a life that is better than one allows us to believe

Where are you, if it rains - and my path is without a goal
Let me see
Where you are
Our love, our friendship, they were stronger
Than the hate in the great game

Let me see
Where you are

I look for you everywhere and nowhere
And I know, that you are out there dancing with life
I see you everywhere and nowhere
And I know, that you can't hear me from out there

So like a letter - at the beginning - that caught fire by the end
Like a day, that ends, and always begins again anew

Mein Stern / My star

In the vastnesses of your eyes
I see great confidence
Warmth floods my soul
Your look is full of hope
You now aspire with great haste
You stretch your arms out to me
Continue a short while
Arrived now by me

My star - My star

Tightly enclosed I sit here
Now quite near with you alone
I live just the moment
Could it but be purely endless

Your unlimited drive for doings
And the tenderness of your existence
Leave me so often astounded
Is your heart still nevertheless so small?

My star - My star

Your action is impartial
You don't know reservations
You are the incentive of my striving
I look in your face

You free in me the rigid thinking
And release in me the miserable look
you let it focus on you
I look now back to you

Just a piece of this nature
I wish for myself back to me
Wondrously life proceeds
Blurs so often the clear view

I look back in your eyes
Are they still so clear and pure
I live now the moment
Could it be but just endless


"I love you=fuck you=I love you=fuck you"

Just because I love you
doesn't mean that you have won
I stand before you small and humble
you wrongly mistake it as a weakness for I am all strong

what arrow must I shoot at you
to break the fortress of your soul
what memory will it take for you to remember
that which your heart once knew

it is no secret that I miss your universe
I ache for you from the depth of my being
but I am the ocean, not the fish which needs a worm
I will walk away
I will leave you in your tower that you've built
there is no fear in my path, I have understood the certainty

you can play the chessmaster
alas only an eventual stalemate revealing emptiness
you are the precious rose in the desert
you shine but none can sense your bloom

there is your red reflected on my lips
nothing exists which is not you
but I wave goodbye to my heart
I will leave you there to burn

I hope your petals are unwilted
when you fly to find your way back to me
I am the garden of your paradise
the gate is forever open
but I cannot be your feet


Inspiration is all fantastic and pretty, but unless someone feels the fuel from their own spirit to do something, it's useless. I used to have a superman complex but I'm done with trying to "save" people, that was due to ego and me actually having a lack of faith in people. I now believe full throttle that people will save themselves. in order for them to do that, you HAVE to give many a "fuck you"-because it breaks them from the illusion of support and makes them face themselves. my ultimate priority is in becoming my own destiny. part of the tool which allows for this is having a "fuck you" attitude, and being given a "fuck you" as well. I'm eternally grateful for all the "fuck you's" I've gotten because they have made, and are making me fight harder. there are many who would call this selfish, there are others who call this brave. for those that would call it selfish-awesome, go fuck yourselves and continue in your "selfless" pursuits. as my mother put it once, "I have yet to meet a real altruist." for those that would call it brave, please don't. I don't want to be an example or a martyr or an inspiration to others. people MUST be their Own inspirations and not seek out that which is outside themselves to fuel them. the best way to truly help others is to help them help themselves. and the best way to get to the point when you can help Others to help themselves is to help Yourself.
the only way this planet and humanity will progress is when people stop believing in the bullshit of comfort and realize all is impermanent. love is only real when you have belief enough to Let Go.

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