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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's not a moment in time
it's Time's Moment
you remember it all
because it's Golden

that spark of magic you felt
aint no illusion
the precious presence of life
in something simple

the den's dawn and its dusk
kinda chocolatey red brown
your eyes are open and closed
your mind's dancin on clouds

you find the peace that lifts you up
you gotta pull it thru you
let it seep thru your gut
push your soul into you

a few seconds you had
a million moonsets ago
that sweet nostalgia's enough
to electrify the future

don't let it all go
tell yourself that it's past
in the same dimension as now
you're still in that moment!

shoelaces untie when they're dirty
but the mud that soaked thru
is proof you've run thru it
don't let go, don't let it up

the time was then
the time is now
the time's the future
don't forget that The Moment's Golden

Friday, August 08, 2008

"If you see the wonder....
in a Fairy Tale
You can face the future
even if you fail

I Believe in Angels

Something good in everything I see..

I have a Dream....

I have a Dream..."

guess where that's from....