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Sunday, September 21, 2008


The Liliana Store is in the process of being built. All Artworks, Music, Photography, Writings, Poetry, Books & Novels (and probably other "etceteras") will be available for you to own. The Anomaly Infinite book project is now available thru lulu, see below under link: The Liliana Store. 2 of the major works (The Anomaly Infinite multi-genre, multi-media book project and Cacaoethes Scribendi: The Urge To Write Poetry, Photography & Artwork book have been Finished since 2007 (also available thru lulu publishing) and I continue to look for a bigger publisher. If anyone is interested Email me!! Music is available for download on
Keep checking this page for the website update of The Liliana Store. If you're interested in owning any Liliana work, send me an email. You can buy a replica or poster version of the original. Look for the paypal logo which will look something like this:

If you see this under or beside any LILIANA creation on any LILIANA websites, you can purchase whatever is listed. Yay! lol.

Thank you to each individual for your continuing valuable feedback, support and love.