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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deck the Reindeers

haven't posted up here in my "online apartment" in a while. things have been Crazy Hectic Chaotic Busy to say the very least.

If you really want to stay "updated" on my "activities", wow, how egotistical is that statement, eh? Then go on Facebook, where I post semi-frequent updates via web and mobile. Zuckerberg, I'm after you....

FYI, some slightly old but still relevant news on top of my typical Hollywood news,
I got into Harvard. For grad school.

I'm doing my masters thru their distance extension program. Meaning I only am required to be on campus for 2 classes per annum for the first 3 yrs (which I will likely do in the summer). My senior yr I will move to Boston for 1 yr. Then back to LA. The rest of my courseload for 3 yrs I do thru distance mail correspondance and online. I feel so blessed I got in because I am going to be able to do both my dreams simultaneously : Harvard And Hollywood.

Happy Fucking Holidays everyone. Please don't go out and buy a lot of useless shit.

Make some original and thoughtful creation instead to show those you love you actually remember the things they say and do.

in the meantime, enjoy this (thank you to Humberto Dellamorte for the photo and link):

Vivimos en un mundo materialista donde el dinero es sinón

imo de “deuda”. “Una rata descuidada se había dejado invadir por la sarna. Hacía ya tanto tiempo que el mal la aquejaba, que su picazón le parecía normal. Como le daba flojera observarse a sí misma, se dedicó a criticar a sus congéneres. Por ese solo hecho se sintió Maestra. “¡Nadie hace algo por superarse! ¡Mi raza está en decadencia! ¡Debo ayudar al mundo!”… Entre los roedores más jóvenes, encontró fervientes discípulos. Mientras se hacía traer queso gratis, les enseñaba “cómo progresar”. A medida que los jóvenes adquirían conocimientos de su Maestra, también atraparon su sarna. ¡Furiosos la expulsaron! La “Maestra” volvió a su guarida y desde allí se dedicó a insultar al mundo que no había querido aceptar sus consejos salvadores.”

El trabajo interno requiere esfuerzos dolorosos que muchos no están dispuestos a efectuar. Corregir las desviaciones de nuestros pensamientos, emociones y deseos, requiere una dedicación constante. Algunos seres, por pereza o por miedo a enfrentar sus propios fantasmas y hábitos negativos, antes de ayudarse a ellos mismos quieren ayudar a los otros. ¿Qué ayuda pueden dar con una mente contaminada?.. También, en tanto que colectividad, por muy necesitados que estemos, debemos verificar cuidadosamente quién es el organismo o país que nos ofrece su ayuda en forma de préstamo. Tal vez por aceptar lo que “generosamente” nos otorga, a causa de la deuda seamos explotados -darle en pago nuestros productos a precios ridículos- y además atrapar su sistema sarnoso. Un sano mendrugo de pan vale más que un aromático guiso envenenado.

> We live in a materialistic world where money is synonymous with debt. ""A rat had been left neglected invaded by scabies. It had been so longthat the badly afflicted that his itching seemed normal. As I was too lazy to observe itself, began to criticize their peers. For that alone he wasMaster. "Nobody does something to overcome! My race is in decline! Ihelp the world! "... Among the younger rodents, found ardent disciples.While cheese is made to bring free, taught them how to move forward. "As young people acquired their knowledge of their Master, also caughthis mange. Furious was expelled! The "Master" returned to his den andfrom there he devoted himself to insult the world that had refused toaccept their advice saviors. "

The internal work requires painful efforts that many are willing to make.Correct deviations from our thoughts, emotions and desires, requires a continuing commitment. Some beings, out of laziness or fear of facingtheir own fears and bad habits before they want to help themselves tohelp others. What help can come up with a defiled mind? .. Also, as acommunity, no matter how needy we are, we check carefully who is theorganization or country that offers its assistance in the form of loan.Perhaps accepting that "generously" gives us, because we aredebt-exploited in return give our products at ridiculous prices, and alsocatch his mangy system. A healthy piece of bread is better than afragrant stew poisoned."

-Alejandro Jodorowsky

Saturday, December 11, 2010