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Friday, December 16, 2005


Don't believe anything.
1. pick up something, anything, just any object in front of you. wave it through the air, it just floats through doesn't it?
2. try to get that object to pass through you, like it does with the air. "impossible" isn't it? there is physical matter, meeting physical matter, an abrupt stop, a wall, that cannot be passed through. even though, esentially, you, ant he object are both made up of units of energy. energy, is the essence of mass, and energy does weigh.
3. this should prove that "what is now, here, is real", that YOU are real. i mean, if an object can't pass through you, and you see and feel the object, then you must exist right?

4. turn on a light. any light in a dark room while your pupils still haven't adjusted. the light turns on, the room is illuminated, it is "real". and yet, just seconds ago, it was dark, the table you knew was there, isn't. Sense how the light passes through air, just floats through it. light passes through air, passes through objects, . ah, but light doesn't actually pass through objects, it merely jumps over them, is bended, by solid objects, like a locked door, light cannot pass through its barriers. so, here again is supposed proof that all is real. since light travels through air, and cannot travel through a solid object, and merely goes around it, then either you are real, or light, and air, is not real. WHY can't light pass through solid objects? why does it curve? and shouldn't, it curve around and under, and still be fast enough to hit the object before you see it not being lighted again? ah, but the human, the human ABSORBS light. light DOES go inside us. unlike objects. this is an indication, that the human structure, is of nature, air/energy. int he simplest form.
Everything which surrounds you, everything you sense, all is, an illusion. The news, music, movies, (media), internet, humans in front of you, trees, smells, consequentially memories.. Think about it, THINK FOR YOURSELF. the only thing that is "real" is the perception that something is real. You feel when you watch things, anything, you have proof of your reality when you wake up and see the world all around you. You believe even if you're a disbeliever when you fall in love. You believe in.. so many things. You believe in emotion, you believe in control, you believe that what is said to happen on the news is actually happening, you believe that if you were present at a current event in time, that it is real. But NOTHING is real. "real" being what you can see, feel, etc. who are YOU? what is YOU? why are you here? Why is anyone here? You escape sometimes don't you? When you're confused, when you're sad, when you're scared, when you're happy, into this brilliantly constructed version of a world, this brillaint blueprint of what is before you. You believe that what you see in the mirror is "YOU". you are your skin color, your eye color , your past, your present, even your future. you attach yourself, to it all. even those of you who are confused about everything, you still succumb to the pleasures and pains that this world offers. As do i. As I do now, writing this, listening to music, the tv flickering in the background with reports of news today. With the wide window open overlooking the city street. Millions of cars, millions of people, and here "i" am. writing. having to be in the system, to even write with its tools. i don't have anythign to prove. i don't anythign to say. what needs to be or wnats to be, doesn't exist. i can't tell you not to believe, or to believe, you will figure it out for "yourself". i don't need a p.h.d, i don't need to preach, you won't believe me anyway. so don't listen to me, or listen to me, either way, some moment some time you'll .. realize... what i already know.