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Monday, July 26, 2010


I have asked many people this question for many years and tonight I heard the best answer thus far, from a very wise friend. Thank you Madam Ajja Tipton.

"What would you define as unconditional love?"

"It is keeping someone in your prayers. Always wanting what is best for them."

This sounds simple, but it is Powerful. All the implications that come from this one train of thought are infinite. The thought itself results in action, and all that comes from that concept of Love.

"Fuck You" is this in actuality, as it is letting go of all ownership, condition and judgement. Fuck You is an I Love You.

Except Fuck You is the negative sphere, I Love You is the positive, unconditional love is somewhere in between, neither of the two.

This is one of the seeds of my frustration with the people of this planet.....I range between such deep care....and then deep disgust-the care partially due to my own ego, and the disgust also due to ego because of disappointment.......but I should let go of the disgust, and the care too-as that is suffocative ego power....and just keep the desire and wish for the world and all the people....towards the best.

I should cease trying to control everything.....the Fuck You is a part of the letting go.....but it's incomplete, twisted.

It is truly generate any true type of unconditional love-which is that REAL thing I was referring to. The PURE, the Unicorn, is unconditional, thinks unconditionally, is in itself...unconditional.

It is the hardest to reach that type of detachment for and towards those you love the deepest....for detaching means truly loving without condition.....

the Fuck You is the ego's easy way out of the real battle.

the I Love You also is.

Without Condition....that should be the goal.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Disillusioned Ideal

There are so many charlatans, fakers, liars, assholes and sickos in this world.

It will make for fascinating literature when I write my great character novel.

And yes, all of you fucktards who fucked with me at one point or another will be in it.

What is evil? IF there was such a thing as pure good and pure evil, pure good would be honesty. Pure evil is ulterior motives, secrets, lies.

How often I have believed in humanity so deeply that I've given up all my suspicion to fight for an ideal. All the lovers I've been with, all the people I've known, all the connections and bonds, all the claims I believed. "Forever", and all that rubbish. Every "good" person that insists on their "goodness", every "master" who turns out to be just full of shit, every system that claims it's superiority.

This is not a cynical stance. I firmly believe true pure love exists, as well as true pure people, and a true pure free world. I just haven't found it anywhere. I look in the mirror and I definitely don't see it either.

I am so diseased. This world is so diseased.

It's so hard finding anything real anymore.

Lately though, especially in the past 2 years since the dessemination of one of the purest things I thought was real, (it wasn't) I've developed a real good radar for bullshit.

It should be a crime for people to say one thing and then go and do another.

I see all the hipocracies within myself and all the contradictions and I am sickened by how diseased I have become. The more I stay in this hellhole, the more I find myself hating the thing I have to be. In this diseased world, what truth is there really?

The Trees.

The Sun.

The Earth.

but even those are corrupted by man.

I'd like to meet One person in my life, just ONE at least, who is Absolutely 100% REAL.

Who says what they mean, means what they say, has zero personal interest or intent, and is just PURE.

I thought I met him, thought our union was a magical phenomenon of a miracle, thought he was the Purest spirit I'd ever known. But sadly time proved to show that it was all a lie, an illusion, and every word out of his mouth and every action was False. He turned out to be no being of truth, just another one of the masses, too weak to stand up for himself and sinking so easily into conformity. It broke my fucking heart. It's shattered and in fact it's just gone now. FUCK ALL THAT SHIT.

I believed a sheep was a warrior, and he was just a fucking sheep. WHERE DID THE UNICORN GO? WHERE IS THE PURE?!!!!

I want to believe, but there's shit all to believe in anymore. I'm DONE. I can only control the dirt within my own self, let the sheep ramble on their own, I'm thru with sheepherding. If only I could be that person, if only I could cleanse myself entirely into being a saint and wiping all of the ugliness out of my life.

This could be though along the same lines of hoping to bump into a unicorn in the forest, as I'm seeing more and more what my mother has said, "I've yet to meet a real altruist" is sadly the reality of this planet.

Right now I'm just feeling a massive FUCK YOU towards pretty much every person I've ever met and/or known in my entire life.

How long did you think I'd let you get away with the act? How many smiles does it take for people to admit the truth? WHY ME? EH? WHY DO ALL OF YOU EVERYWHERE WANT ME? Am I a fucking cookie? Chew me up, digest, swallow, spit and think that's it? JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. Why'd you fuck with me? Why'd you even enter my realm? What did you want? Did you get it? Energy VAMPIRES, all of you. It's not just too late to apologize, it's too late for anything. I want nothing to do with any human, anywhere, forever. Rivers, Animals, fucking Cactuses are more Humane than the "humans" that populate this earth.

Once upon a time I tried to save some of you. Once upon a time I tried to be with some of you. Once upon a time I loved some of you. Once upon a time I was a fool.

But everywhere I've looked, everyone I've known, everything I've tried, everywhere, has been a lie.

The only truth is the sun. the earth. the sky.

everything else is an illusion.

I can't name a single human on the planet that is free of personal motive, ego, selfish nature, or some type of narcissism. Myself included, because I've been a robot of that system. But even those people I've respected most, at one point or another, have shown that the essence of a human being is so twisted and wrong in so many ways, that it cannot be fixed by human beings themselves.

If there is a "god", it is desperately needed. I watch this planet dying every day. Not even Superman could fix this mess-and I've been down and up THAT pathway. I've been Clark Kent dammit and it still wasn't enough. and No-all you megalomaniacs-you're not fucking god nor are you a practitioner. you're false, all of you. Take those bibles, bhagavad gitas and torahs and cram them up your elitist hypocritical asses. Do I have the answer ? no. I thought I did at one point, but that is Ego talking. I don't. I admit it. And anyone who claims that they do, without actually proving it by SAVING this wretched planet, is ruled by EGO as well.

Fuck you all. I'll destroy every last one of you. I'll blow this whole zoo apart. I'll take a chainsaw and bleed you motherfuckers dry. If this world can't be saved, it must be destroyed. Rebirth is necessary, and the state of the people on this planet, from Timbuktu to Budapest to Brazil is begging for change. I sit and watch from the shadows, all of you, hoping that one day you will all take a stand, fight for truth and free yourselves. But I'm disgusted with you all. It's a pitiful mess that you've allowed yourselves to be in. The worst thing is you actually lie to yourselves and say THIS WORLD IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. IT IS NOT BEAUTIFUL. It COULD be beautiful, but the way it is right now-you're either extremely ignorant or extremely hopeful to think so.

As to LOVE being the solution to everything, the one thing worth living for, well HAAAAAAAH. Been there done that. The biggest mindfuck there is. Destruction of the spirit on so many levels that I don't even know if this lifetime, if all of eternity is enough to heal the damage. Goodbye heart-ta-ta, you are going to stay buried forever. I AM AN ICE BLOCK, in a fortress of lava, protected by a dragon with 8 razor tongues. And as to that horrible phrase "I Love You", a damn CONCEPT thrown around so often that it's lost all meaning. "I Love You" really means, "I'll use you 1000% and suck you dry for as long as you fulfill my purposes, I will make you believe that we're meant to be, but if things aint' workin' out for me or my comfort zone takes a shaking I'll toss you to the dust and go on my merry way. oh but p.s thanks for all the memories and take care."



I could jam a pillar thru the heart of the world right now, my ancestor must be Ivan the Impaler this rage bursting thru my blood.

And as to Friendship? Well that's a crock too. Aint' no real friendship anywhere, it's all just a huddle nest for people to bind together to distract themselves from the pain it is just to be Alive. One arguement and friendships of 50 years dissolve. Marriages that are "thru sickness and health, better or worse" only last thru the Better-where the fuck is the FIGHT to keep all those promises alive? Shut up with all of your I Love You's you dirty sick fucks. They mean absolutely nothing without the action to back them up. The next person who says I LOVE YOU to me I'll stick a fucking knife into. Why do people say shit that THEY DO NOT MEAN? THAT IS PURE EVIL. WHERE IS THE HONESTY??????

I'm DONE. I'm thru with believing in humanity. There isn't a single Human out there in the world that I can call Righteous and Real. EVERYONE is full of shit. Including me.
I denounce my "humanity".

I've broken the fear a long time ago and I have zero problems now with telling you all:


I'm off to go hug a tree and walk on some more water.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Truth can only be found with the absence of fear.

Eradicate fear from yourself and you are no longer leaping off a cliff into a bottomless precipice, but walking on water as if it is concrete.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wild Horse

"The Sovereign Individual Paradigm

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves that we are underlings."
- William Shakespeare

A paradigm is a system of belief or a way of viewing the world. The feudal paradigm is that there is a King who essentially owns and controls everything and everybody. People are the subjects of the King. The King may delegate some of his powers to a Lord. Peasants, landholders, and merchants have to pay tribute to the Lord and/or the King.

The American Declaration of Independence of 1776 essentially broke the ties to the King of England. Individuals in North America became free sovereigns in their own right. Individuals became their own masters. We could call this the sovereign individual paradigm.

During the past 200 years there has been a gradual regression in America back to the feudal paradigm. Today most Americans believe that they are owned by the government. The government can draft them (or at least force them to register for the draft) and send them off to a foreign war. Workers and companies pay taxes to the government that are far higher than those just before the Declaration of Independence. The government makes the laws and the people must obey. The government owns children and can therefore force parents to send their children to school. The government owns people's bodies, therefore suicide is a crime. The government owns people's bodies, therefore tells people what they may or may not put into their bodies.

So what we have in America today is essentially a feudal system. Individuals stand in relation to the government as peasants stood in relation to the King in the Middle Ages. Today most individuals are as much "underlings" as the peasants were at the time of Shakespeare.

The sovereign individual paradigm states:
(a) I am the master of my life.
(b) I own my life, mind, and body - and the fruit of my labor.
(c) I am free to do anything provided I do not violate the rights of others or harm them.

To get a better understanding of the sovereign individual paradigm, compare the free-wild horse to the broken-domesticated horse. A horse is born free and wild. Try and ride a free-wild horse and it will do its utmost to throw you off. A free-wild horse doesn't like to be broken - enslaved - ridden by a master.

Once the cowboy has broken the free-wild horse, it becomes a broken-domesticated-obedient horse. Now the cowboy is the master of the horse. The horse is the slave of the cowboy. The cowboy rides the horse. The horse works for the cowboy. The cowboy owns the horse. The horse obeys the cowboy.

Horses are born free and wild. Horses are inherently free. They are naturally free. But they can be broken, domesticated, enslaved.

We humans are also born free. We are inherently and naturally free. But most parents break their children at an early age - turn them into broken-domesticated-obedient little slaves. "Teachers" continue the process in compulsory "schools."

- Part of an essay by a brilliant writer (not me) read the full article here:

(you'll have to copy/paste, blogspot linking isn't working.)

I went to a film that I wanted to see Twilight: Eclipse.

I'll have to agree with Entertainment Weekly that it's the best thus far.

The key point of the whole movie can be summed up in the ending phrase:

"The struggle/choice has been between Who I Am, and Who I Should Be."

I will quote another film here that I liked, Never Been Kissed,

"Find out who you are. And try not to be afraid of it."


I do not want illusion
I want truth
I do not want comfort
I want fulfillment
I do not want to buy a house
I want to build one
I do not want to buy an address
I want to create a new living environment
I do not want to own land
I want to live as one with her
I do not want interaction
I want connection
I do not want relationships
I want pure eternal bonds
I do not want control
I want freedom
I do not want money
I want resources
I do not want to work for a system
I want to work for solutions
I do not want peace
I want harmony
I do not want to create to sell
I want to create for the process itself
I do not want a goal
I want a purpose
I do not want a mentor
I want to be my own leader
I do not want an army
I want a revolution
I do not want weapons
I want change
I do not want to mirror what others have done
I want to walk my own path
I do not want the supernatural
I want the metaphysical
I do not want perfection
I want ultimate self mastery
I do not want parlor tricks
I want magic
I do not want worship or praise
I want others to be their best
I do not want to only know
I want to understand
I do not want only love
I want an epic
I do not want sex
I want orgasm
I do not want to sleep
I want to rest
I do not want food
I want nourishment
I do not want friendship
I want union
I do not want a child
I want a progeny
I do not want to help others
I want to save others
I do not want to be happy
I want to be happiness

I do not want just to live
I want to become my destiny

From out there....

Gotta love Starbucks. For the free global Wi-Fi access if not for the over sugary coffee. Drink lots of the ooze to hype you up like a jackrabbit in order to give you so much more "time" to do all the stupid shit that you've delegated for yourself to do. Yep. Forget listening to your body when it's tired-just toxify yourself! Be that "hard working productive citizen" that you are and all the 5 Hour energy drink commercials propogate.

Sometime in the near future, ALL internet, Everywhere, will be accessible and free. Way to go Starbucks, even though your motives for doing so are intended for consumers to buy more of your shit-but still, good progress.

after's back into the wild. It is alright coming into here, writing to "loved ones", making sure all are not in a panic. Luckily this is a small town I'm passing thru, so it is not overly consumed by the ridiculousness of the system. Still though-the faces of these people-like a mass of zombies.

Here are some Thoughts, from my journey thus far:


Nature can be tough,
but it is Honest.

Man is neither tough nor honest.

Man has wandered so far from nature that within himself and the external system he has built is overly complicated and an illusion.

Given a choice, I choose Nature.

In essence, man Is nature, but not the majority of man that roams the world now. The "evolved" homo sapien has only evolved towards stupidity and ignorance.

This MUST change in order for real evolution. It IS possible, but only thru the revolution of a small few who refuse to accept the system of the many.



Why do people need watches or clocks,
when the sky, stars and sun above show exactly what hour it is
and what segment of day/night?
Shows how far away man has strayed from nature.

If every person was educated in how to know Nature, and not a fucking
time-ticking device, everyone would be a lot better off.

"Watches for fake schedules. Fuck real activity."



build a fort.

somewhere 34-35 degrees Celcius, but in a forest. With beach, lakes, mountains, rivers and wood. All spheres.

Far from "civilization" -yea , very Civil everyone is- take a look at the news to see how Civil this Civilization is.

Far from the bizarre "laws" that proclaim "ownership" of land.

Man: Ah, I have picked up a pebble, that means, it is mine.

no dumbass, it's not.

Grow vegetables and fruits, entirely self-sustaining.

make own body coverings from cold.

produce creative works.

when fort built,

invite others who wish to join,

build a




I have Broken Free.

Free to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Under no one's rules or systems, nor dependable on any.

No Harvard. No Hollywood. No This or That.

No obligations, restrictions, limitations, orders, internal or external boundaries. No "Keeping Busy" because hey "God is Watching!!!!".


No "work", no "school" (as seem to be the only two choices the masses have come up with as an answer to the purpose of life. LMAO)

No "relationship maintenance". Why does something have to be maintained if it's pure and stems from within?

maybe I'll go back to that whole system after this journey, but, that remains to be seen.

for now....I AM FREEE!!!!!

There is Magic in the air. In my Flesh.

this is paradise

no need for movies. no need for fantasy.

nature is right here all around us, right in front of us.

the sights, colours, shapes and textures I have seen are like a fairy land. The sounds, pure, unaltered.

I don't remember the last time I was this happy and at peace.

The only thing that could top this the only thing to top this would be a soul partner, a new romance.
the being strong enough and wise enough to appreciate truth. To have actively seeked it, to have done what is in the mind. Yes, To share it with someone or many who have the heart, eyes, mind and soul to appreciate it.

Into the Wild-"Happiness isn't real unless shared". Disagree, Happiness bursts internally, inwards, to out. It is real when one is alone. But can it be Heightened? Yes, Absolutely. and Sharing, leads to that.


a Dream I had a few nights ago>

There is a little girl
sent back in time from the future
she has unearthly powers
she moves objects with her mind
she speaks in the language of the ancients
her mission here is to save all

she is not like the silent watchful guardians
of the past

she actively interferes to shift
the future

she is forceful against man's free will
but she is not demonic

she protects all which is righteous
corrects that which is evil

she is a strange little girl
that is the the Force's disguise

do not underestimate her powers
the world is moving




No such thing as Days and Nights anymore

or Separations

Only experience after experience.

The richness of a hundred lives

at any minute.



Monday, July 12, 2010

A Memo to All Others

In these times forces are growing stronger to put the enlightened into cages and the stupid in the spotlight.

There is an URGENCY for all those hidden in the underground to become the best versions of themselves and reclaim this diseased planet.

Change is coming fast, and it's speed will be dependent upon Leaders, not Zeroes. Ones, not Many's.

Together we are greater than the sum of our parts, but in order for that to happen, each of our parts must be Whole.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Beginning of The End

12 hours of night
12 hours of day
the Sphinx and the Centaur
Battle for the Cane
The tabula rasa is cast
No spider will unweave

Good and the Evil
Fight to destroy the other
As the compass spins
Only One will be Victor

the land will acknowledge
the flora and fauna will confirm
all the rains will turn to dust
all the sunshine into storm

It is coming in this hour
this hour which lasts eons
the Forces will conspire
to merge two into one

the leaders will rise many
springing forth from the underground
and all the seekers who were once outcast wanderers
will be Rulers of the Revolution

Cinema Paradiso

Alfredo: Living here day by day, you think it's the center of the world. You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave: a year, two years. When you come back, everything's changed. The thread's broken. What you came to find isn't there. What was yours is gone. You have to go away for a long time... many years... before you can come back and find your people. The land where you were born. But now, no. It's not possible. Right now you're blinder than I am.
Salvatore: Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda? Eh?
Alfredo: No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it's all me. Life isn't like in the movies. Life... is much harder.

Alfredo: Once upon a time, a king gave a feast. And there came the most beautiful princesses of the realm. Now, a soldier, who was standing guard, saw the king's daughter go by. She was the most beautiful one, and he immediately fell in love with her. But what could a poor soldier do when it came to the daughter of the king? Well, finally, one day, he managed to meet her, and he told her that he could no longer live without her. The princess was so impressed by his strong feelings that she said to the soldier: "If you can wait 100 days and 100 nights under my balcony, then at the end of it, I shall be yours." Damn! The soldier immediately went there and waited one day. And two days. And ten. And then twenty. And every evening, the princess looked out of her window, but he never moved. During rain, during wind, during snow, he was always there. The bird shat on his head, and the bees stung him, but he didn't budge. After ninety nights, he had become all dried up, all white, and the tears streamed from his eyes. He couldn't hold them back. He no longer had the strength to sleep. All that time, the princess watched him. And on the 99th night, the soldier stood up, took his chair, and went away.

Salvatore: [later in the film, Toto gives Alfredo his interpretation] ... In one more night, the princess would have been his. But she also could not possibly have kept her promise. And it would have been terrible. He would have died. This way, however, at least for 99 days, he was living under the illusion that she was there, waiting for him.

Salvatore 'Toto' Di Vita - Adult: Elena, perhaps in the future we could...
Elena Mendola - Adult, Director's cut only: No, Salvaotre, there is no future. There is only the past. Even last night's encounter was just a dream. A wonderful dream. When we were young, we never did it. Do you remember? Now that it has happened, I can't imagine a better ending.
Salvatore 'Toto' Di Vita - Adult: I'll never agree with you. Never.

[to Elena]
Alfredo: Out of the fire of love come ashes. Even the greatest love eventually fizzles out.

Alfredo: Get out of here! Go back to Rome. You're young and the world is yours. I'm old. I don't want to hear you talk anymore. I want to hear others talking about you. Don't come back. Don't think about us. Don't look back. Don't write. Don't give in to nostalgia. Forget us all. If you do and you come back, don't come see me. I won't let you in my house. Understand?
Salvatore: Thank you. For everything you've done for me.
Alfredo: Whatever you end up doing, love it. The way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


I'd sit with you all night if you showed me your soul, I'd tame the rivers wild if it would give you somewhere to go, and all the dancing stars well I'd fly you up to them, but alas I'm just a crazy horse too free to have a plan.

Monday, July 05, 2010

"We who bore the mark might well be considered by the rest of the world as strange, even as insane and dangerous. We had awoken, or were awakening, and we were striving for an ever perfect state of wakefulness, whereas the ambition and quest for happiness of the others consisted of linking their opinions, ideals, and duties, their life and happiness, ever more closely with those of the herd. They, too, strove; they, too showed signs of strength and greatness. But as we saw it, whereas we marked men represented Nature's determination to create something new, individual, and forward-looking, the others lived in the determination to stay the same. For them mankind--which they loved as much as we did--was a fully formed entity that had to be preserved and protected. For us mankind was a distant future toward which we were all journeying, whose aspect no one knew, whose laws weren't written down anywhere."
— Hermann Hesse (Demian)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

of Cars and Jedi

"There's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but you Feel it. Like a splinter in your mind...driving you mad. It is this feeling which has brought you to me."

-what Morpheus says to Neo.

THAT is the exact opposite of what any systemic expert will tell you. You may say that you are depressed, you may even explain what specifically it is that depresses you, but it is glided over. The Feeling, that there is Something Wrong, with All of this. Means just that> All of this. At the Core of it all. Patching it up with band-aids and self-help chants that have been over-used century after century will not Fix that Feeling. But nobody knows how to fix the core, so of course, everyone tries to wax a broken car and paint it and make it smell lovely and try to pretend that it isn't broken. And if you insist that the car is broken, you're a pessimistic lunatic.

Why I have always said that "psychological illness" is the gateway towards freedom is because it is in these abrupt interruptions from the duty that you are supposed to fill out as a functional homo sapien robot that you can clearly see that the car is broken. The car being the world, the people living in it, every aspect of life around you and life itself.

as to how to Fix the car, at the core, that remains the challenge.
where to go to get that answer has to do with deciphering which source is best to derive it from> which jumps to what is Good, what is Evil, which to be of, and which will ultimately win?

"good" "evil", of course these terms are relative...but there has and currently very much is an active battle going on Everywhere as to firstly What is Good, What is Evil, and secondly, which will win?

in star wars language, good would be the jedi. the jedi does For Others.

evil would be the sith. the sith does For Self.

however both of these definitions I think are flawed.

as if there Was an ultimate good (assuming that Good is the best way to go-which I'm always in conflict about anyway), Good would be Both For Self AND For Others, as there is no rescuing Others, without first rescuing Self. and sometimes, or all the times, rescuing Self is the First and the Hardest battle which may take the Most time. and could therefore be construed as Selfish-to put all focus on Self. but the ultimate Mission is to Use the Self, to Rescue> Others. though during Self Rescue-this is never interpreted nor seen by anyone else other than the self, irritatingly and sadly.

in order to fix the Car, you have to fix the wheels, you have to fix the gears, you have to fix the windows, the locks, the engine, the whole damn thing.

by the time you're done it may look nothing like a car. it may look like a horse. or a tornado.

the solution isn't in fixing to run as it did before it was broken. but to make sure to fix it in such a way that it will never even be a possibility for it to break, period.

no economic ups and downs. no world starvation, hunger, famine then followed by mass euphoric celebration of "helping hands". no false happinesses that only go up and down but are never steady.

what would Evil then be?

Not doing anything for self or for others by way of Ignorance. Evil would be ignoring that the car is broken at all and continuing to act as if everything is hunky dory. An illusion. Evil would also be trying to gain others as vessels to use for your own purposes.

the point however is, in terms of Good and that whether that initial Feeling that there is something Wrong with the Good...or Evil.

when Anakin initially fell to the Emperor, and bowed down to him in search of the truths and tools of the underbelly force, the main reason was to train how to use the Force to save his love-Padme. Yet the further this wrong path went, the further away Padme became and in the end she died. But by that time Anakin was already Darth Vader.

All else being equal in terms of magnanimous powers attainable, the Light Force and Dark Force, the difference is in the concept of which one is Good, or Evil, and which is better to be of. Anakin was Supposed to join the galaxies, save the universe, "destroy the sith , not join them". But he joined them due to his own weakness-attachment, and wanting to unnaturally extend the cycles of life and death. Though he was doing this for Another, the Self was at the center of it, and it is thru the Self that he was mind-controlled, manipulated, and fallen. He was Supposed to be The One, but it was his son Luke who ended up being the one-because of his lack of Ego. The Jedi never required any worship in order to learn, and encouraged individual growth thru rigorous discipline and adherence to principles. The Sith are the opposite.

"The bird struggles out of the egg. The egg is the world. Whoever wants to be born, must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas."
— Hermann Hesse

At the time, you always think you're doing what's best, what's right for the internal truths within yourself. What's crucial to catch is the moment of whether you'll become Lord Vader, or Luke Skywalker, and how to see the forces around you for what they truly are.

Which is ignorant of what? Is it ignorant of truth to say that the car is broken and is a horrible trap, a continuating cycle of genetic torture? Or is it ignorant of truth to say that the car isn't permanently broken, just glitchy, and is a beautiful blessing of cyclic responsibility? Which perspective is real, which is false? What is the test?

If the Feeling (and perception) comes from Within the Self, how can one be Sure, of anything...

"If only there were a dogma to believe in. Everything is contradictory, everything is tangential; there are no certainties anywhere. Everything can be interpreted one way and then again interpreted in the opposite sense. The whole of world history can be explained as development and progress and can also be seen as nothing but decadence and meaninglessness. Isn't there any truth? Is there no real and valid doctrine?" Joseph Knect said to his Music Master "there is truth, my boy. But the doctrine you desire, absolute perfect dogma that alone provides wisdom, does not exist. Nor should you long for a perfect doctrine, my friend rather, you should long for perfection in yourself. The deity is within you, not in ideas and books. Truth is lived not taught"
— Hermann Hesse

Saturday, July 03, 2010

CTMU and Q1234

Based on Langan's CTMU> Cognitive Theoretical Model of the Universe>

thus this debate follows.

A most amusing and interesting one.

And the one underneath that one is a series of thoughtful questions from another thinker.

To nay-sayers of online social networks, the below 2 discussions are proof of Facebook being useful for a lot more than "I just ate a sandwich, and it was, good."


Mars Turner If you were to create a government founded on the belief of the CTMU what would it look like? I created a group called "Republic of ecclesiastical Dukes" to express that thought. Maybe you might have some input on the idea.
May 11 at 8:58am · Comment · Like · See Wall-to-Wall

Mars Turner That is why in the Republic of ecclesiastical Dukes, the ones who understand the CTMU are called "Dukes", the rest are subjects, the goal is to create as many Dukes as possible.
May 12 at 8:29pm

Adam Robert Haas My short answer to your original question, Mars, is it depends. To be more specific, it would depend on generalized utility (GU), which in turn depends upon the specifics of the current environment at large. Admittedly, that's still pretty damn nonspecific.

The best answer I can come up with at this moment is that it would place an emphasis on finding and exposing truth so that the citizenry could make TRUTHFULLY informed decisions. This requires scientists and solid thinkers of all sorts to be recognized as authorities on truth more so than the typical present-day politician. Perhaps, a hierarchically structured system of peer rating would help the otherwise defenseless masses to discriminate honest and able thinkers from the inept and the dishonest. Positions of political leadership ought to be financially comfortable, but NOT cushy. Unfortunately, the political process, at least here in America, currently tends to favor selfish-not-so-smart-weasel types. Can I get off this damn soapbox now, please? ;)
May 18 at 3:13am

Mars Turner haha, the solution for excluding the selfish-not-so-smart-weasel types, is to not pay the ecclesiastical Dukes! and further, that all funding of an ecclesiastical duchy be procured through the Dukes own innovative contributions in technology
May 19 at 7:32am

Hamid Javanbakht "the ones who understand the CTMU are called "Dukes", the rest are subjects"

lol, perhaps it's not a question of who are the first to understand it, rather who are the first to make it mainstream.
May 22 at 10:51pm

Mars Turner having an ignorant mob swayed to believe some dogma won't make them fit to handle issues of government
May 22 at 10:53pm

Hamid Javanbakht By "mainstream" I'm refering to publishing something reputable in an academic journal, which is one of its greatest weaknesses, it has been blacklisted due to its support for the fringe "intelligent design" movement.
May 22 at 11:07pm

Mars Turner "publishing... reputable... academic journal" is all foder for the ignorant mob, where people will accept it purely because it's printed in such a way... I hope it never gets published as such, because it would only give credence to those stupid journals, only further encouraging people to not use their own brain.
May 22 at 11:15pm

Hamid Javanbakht "The peer review process encourages authors to meet the accepted standards of their discipline and prevents the dissemination of irrelevant findings, unwarranted claims, unacceptable interpretations, and personal views. Publications that have not undergone peer review are likely to be regarded with suspicion by scholars and professionals."

It's necessary to have some forum for the exchange and debate of ideas among one's peers.
May 23 at 12:38am

Mars Turner I encourage open public debate on ideas. But finding one's "peers" in a journal is unlikely when it comes to highly advanced ideas.
May 23 at 7:55am

Hamid Javanbakht That is one reason he started publishing his ideas in "High-IQ Journals" and started the Mega Foundation..."super-geniuses" do have peers, they're called High-IQ societies, although often times they attract people looking for validation or some kind of hobby. So far Langan has been trying to "decompress" his theory to make it decipherable to general intellectual contrast journals are usually read by those scholars with a deep grasp of the technical aspects of a subject, in the case of the CTMU, it has been published in more interdisciplinary settings (I.D.) than technical (Philosophical of Mind, Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics, Metaphysical Logic, Category Theory, etc), subjects...which the "profane masses" usually haven't studied in depth...Chris has actually been very generous in his intellectual charity to the "common man", though if you want to start a club where "only male, Japhetic, religio-scientific pastors can be citizens of the Republic; these are the ecclesiastical Dukes." are deemed worthy to claim they "understand" the CTMU, that's fine, though I look forward to the day when females or "non-Japhetic" people are considered intellectual capable of fully appreciating Christopher Langan's work.

"Chris Langan has been published as a columnist in several newspapers and magazines. He did publish an ebook in 2002, a diverse collection of essays entitled "The Art of Knowing". In addition, he published an essay - "Cheating the Millennium", Chapter 13 - in the book "Uncommon Dissent" edited by William Dembski. This references his CTMU paper published in ISCID. He is currently working on several technical papers explaining the theory's impact on physical and biological causality (since his CTMU work receives no outside financial support, its development proceeds as he finds the time for it)."

"I'm writing a book on the CTMU now. I really bend over backwards to
explain all my concepts as lucidly as possible. But what you may not
realize is that it takes literally ten times the space to do that! All
those jawbreakers and neologisms contain compressed information, and in
order to express it in what you call "plain English", you'd have to
decompress it at a ratio of 1-to-10(20,30,...)! I can't afford to spend
all day writing email for an unarchived list."
May 23 at 9:14am

Mars Turner Right, I am refering to the issue of who should be citizens. Simplifying one's arguments will help everyone.
May 23 at 9:19am

Hamid Javanbakht "That is why in the Republic of ecclesiastical Dukes, the ones who understand the CTMU are called "Dukes", the rest are subjects, the goal is to create as many Dukes as possible."
"Right, I am refering to the issue of who should be citizens."

Depends on context, if only citizens may call themselves "Dukes", and "Dukes" are those who according to you "understand" the CTMU, then only white Christian males "truly" understand the CTMU?
May 23 at 9:51am

Mars Turner What you are refering to is called a "Denizen". In the original American Republic, women and free non-whites were considered Denizens; they have property rights, but they are not allowed to vote or hold public office.
May 23 at 10:41am

Hamid Javanbakht It's good to have options of course...Let's say there are people who want to live according to the principles of the CTMU, do they need to set up a separate jurisdiction? No, because that would only create an arificial distinction, and the CTMU if anything has tried to promote a theologically/linguistically inclusive/unified model for a "spiritual metalanguage" (more so than Chomsky's transformational/universal grammar).

If anything it would be nice to see if there are those who can demonstrate their understanding of the CTMU in a paper which is "peer-reviewed" and approved by Langan himself.

Since he is less than accessible most of the time, we have tried to grow our Facebook group and one member has started a CTMU Wiki...I have my own user page there ("related work" and "isotelesis").

Since the rest of the "non-Dukes" probably aren't interested in being your "subjects" (somewhat contradictory how you combine a the notion of "subject" as found in a Monarchy with a supposedly "Republican" state)...and since being a "citizen" separates one from the "non-citizens", even though in reality their "difference" is only superficial, they may be considered a variety of "isoteleis" or "isoteleia"...neither citizens or subjects of anyone, in other words

"II. Privileged Non-Citizens. (Isoteleis).
We find certain classes of persons at Athens holding, in respect to private rights, a position intermediate between that of citizens and that of aliens. These persons were really aliens upon whom a portion of the rights peculiar to citizenship had been specially conferred. And since such privileges were generally conferred by special legislative decree, there might be persons strictly belonging, in respect to private rights, to no one class, but holding a civil status quite sui generis.
The only class, perhaps, known to us, and with a distinct name of its own, that falls under this head, is that of the isoteleis. These were a privileged class of metoikoi, who (besides being exempt from the special tax on metoikoi, and in this point on the same footing as citizens—whence the name) needed no prostate's for the transaction of legal business, but could act independently. We find examples of isoteleis holding real estate; but it is not certain that all isoteleis necessarily had enkte'sis."

enkte-sis: tenure of land or house by a noncitizen. It was one of various privileges (see also isoteleia) which could be…
May 23 at 10:47am

Mars Turner You now have three posts that say the same thing. Why?
May 23 at 10:49am

Hamid Javanbakht Posting from iPhone, no editing option.
May 23 at 10:50am

Mars Turner I am posting from my computer, and even I can't edit this kind of post. I think you can only edit a discussion forum post.
May 23 at 10:52am

Mars Turner You can however post what you ment to say, and then delete your repeats.
May 23 at 10:53am

Mars Turner A denizen is not necessarily a women or non-white. It is a classification of a person.
May 23 at 11:02am

Mars Turner You are welcome to reference Ancient Athens for law, but I suggest you familiarize yourself with more modern law on the same exact topic. Call it a "denizen" or an "isotelic", it doesn't matter, if it means the same thing.
May 23 at 11:03am

Hamid Javanbakht Hamid Javanbakht {What you are refering to is called a "Denizen".}

The "isotelic" class in Ancient Athens were actually different from "denizens" per se, they were independent aliens, not necessarily women or non-white...they didn't hold public offices, but that didn't mean they didn't have equal status in private circles...synthesizing the notion...
See More
May 23 at 11:04am

Mars Turner {You can however post what you ment to say, and then delete your repeats.}

Of course that will goof up the order of our communication. lol
May 23 at 11:11am

Hamid Javanbakht The concept of a "denizen" in British common law is abstractly quite different from the "isotelic" class in Ancient Athens...a denizen was granted some of the rights of British *subjects* under a monarch, while the isotely were granted the "equal rights" (isopolity) of Athenian *citizens*...and as Plato (originator of the cocept of a Republic) ...
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May 23 at 12:03pm

Mars Turner A denizen is not necessarily under a monarch. The original American Republic had no monarch, yet women and free non-whites were considered Denizens.

I don't see why this is so confusing for you.
May 23 at 12:22pm

Hamid Javanbakht Perhaps it should be called a "Federal Constitutional Monarchy" with Prince William of England as your divinely appointed white Christian male leader rather than a "Republic", where (at least in Plato's version) "philosopher kings" would be more appropriate than "Dukes"...though in your system they're probably very similar.

"A federal monarchy is ...
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May 23 at 12:43pm

Hamid Javanbakht What you seem to be confusing is "denizen" with "isotely", the latter of which included white males as well...denizens were usually considered inferior to citizens, while isotels were considered "equal in weight and respectability" and had much more interaction with the higher more "cultivated class" of society.

"Denization is an obsolete process in English Common Law, dating from the 13th century, by which a foreigner became a denizen, gaining some privileges of a British subject, including the right to hold English land, through letters patent. Denization fell into disuse when statutory mechanisms for naturalisation developed."
May 23 at 12:50pm

Mars Turner Each Duke governs over a church which can be considered a "Monarchy". But each Duke is also considered a citizen of the confederal constitutional Republic, and the church's, can be considered States of the confederal constitutional Republic. As you can see, the Republic doesn't have a monarch, it is made up of monarchs.
May 23 at 1:37pm

Mars Turner "denizen" has nothing to do with whether someone is considered inferior or not, it is merely a classification of a person on whether or not they have political rights
May 23 at 1:42pm

Mars Turner a citizen has political AND property rights, where as a denizen only has property rights
May 23 at 1:44pm

Hamid Javanbakht Some more history:

"Equal Liberty and Justice Under Law:

Isonomia — equal law — is the historical and philosophical foundation of liberty, justice, and constitutional democracy. Aristotle considered it the core ingredient of a civilization that seeks to promote individual and societal happiness. First ordained by the ancient Athenian lawgiver Solon (c. 638-558 B.C.), isonomia was later championed by the Roman Republic's finest orator, Cicero; but it was subsequently eclipsed for a millennium, until (in effect) "rediscovered" in the eleventh century A.D. by the founders of the Western Legal Tradition, the law students of Bologna who synthesized the Greek genius for systematic thought, the Roman genius for pragmatic administration, and the medieval Judeo-Christian-Islamic preoccupation with the "uses" of faith and reason to secure a common humanity under a common deity.

Empathy, Liberty, Equality. These concepts are often linked, a triune "much of a muchness"; there is a good reason for this; it is rooted in the history of the idea of isonomia, the parent of demokratia.

Our most precious legacy is our understanding — originating in our evolving capacity for empathy — that we must be equal in our liberties and hence equal in the restraints upon our liberties.

We must be equal under the law, and hence equal in the making of laws. Liberty and law are coevolving, and any "constitutional democracy" worthy of this oh-so-precious name must reflect that sequence of foundational ideas.

I believe that Socrates' metaphor captures and "domesticates" the deep wisdoms of that ancient Greek trinity of ontology, epistemology, and teleology; he bends philosophy to his will, to human purposes, in ways that still ring true.

The art of the helmsman requires integrating knowledge of the changeless stars with knowledge of the naturally-changing — the winds and waves of circumstance — in order to choose, and act, and react, with reference to the angle of the rudder, the trim of the sail, but more ... to change these (a) in relation to each other, for each affects the other, and (b) in relation to achieving an ultimate goal, such as safe passage across open seas to prosperous harbors.

This is the art of cybernetics — goal-focused governance that cultivates and harvests feedback, continuously monitoring "progress" in light of hierarchies of facts and values, including ultimate objectives. Law is the quintessential cybernetic calling."

"Rich and poor Athenian Citizens were political and legal equals: each citizen was an equal voter (isopsephos), enjoyed an equal rift to public speech (isegoria), and an equal standing before the law (isonomia), political and legal equality (isotes)
others were granted remission of the head-tax ordinarily paid by resident foreigners (isoteleia).
Indeed, even the story of the Athenians as a pure "earthborn" race was counterbalanced by the equally well-known and celebrated story of Athenian receptiveness to foreign immigrants in mythological times."

"Isoteleia or isopoliteia was a term used for the set of privileges to which Metic could be granted.
This personal privileges were:

ἐπιγαμία/epigamía, the right to a mixed marriage; ἔγκτησις/enktêsis,the right to purchase land;
ἀτέλεια/ateleia, exemption from taxes, especially ἀτέλεια μετοικίου/ateleia metoikíou, a tax levied on thepolicy residentMetic. All these privileges were all included in the right isoteleia ("equal responsibility") or isopoliteia ("equal citizenship") and the people who enjoyed this right were ἰσοτελεῖς/isoteleis. They had the same burdens as citizens and could call in the courts or trading without the intervention of the προστάτης/prostátês."

"At Athens all resident aliens had to pay a tax (metoikion or xenikon telos) which we may term protection-tax, because it was the price for the protection they enjoyed at Athens; but as it was the interest of the state to increase commerce, and for that purpose to attract strangers to settle at Athens, many of them were exempted from this tax, i. e. enjoyed the ateleia metoikiou, (isoteleia equal rights) (Dem. c.Aristae): p. 691), and some were even exempted from custom duties, and the property tax or eisphora from which an Athenian citizen could never be exempted. The ateleia enjoyed by Athenian citizens was either a general immunity (ateleia apanton), such as was granted to persons who had done some great service to their country, and even to their descendants, as in the case of Harmodius and Aristogeiton; or it was a partial one exempting a person from all or certain liturgies, from certain custom duties, or from service in the army."

"Focusing on the analysis of Athens' relations with both Greeks and non-Greeks as recorded in extant fourth-century decrees, this paper challenges the applicability of the notion of Greek/barbarian antithesis to the interpretation of formal diplomatic exchanges between Athens and the non-Greek states. A comparison of the types of decrees and honors reveals a remarkable uniformity in the forms of Athens' foreign relations irrespective of the ethnicity of honorands. The distribution of honors among individuals and groups of recipients within single decrees further demonstrates that the Athenian honorific system typically elevated individuals over communities they represented, suggesting that political differences between Athens and non-Greek states did not adversely influence the methods of exchanges between them. Apart from the provisions contained in the decrees, this paper also considers their function within the city as monuments that attest to the important place of philobarbaric discourse and practice in fourth-century Athens."[LINK REMOVED]
May 23 at 3:11pm

Hamid Javanbakht The actual motivation for the different concept of "isotelesis" actually has more to do with "teleological consistency" and "closed descriptive manifolds" in a decision-theoretic and teleo-semantic sense.

"In the CTMU, “what God thinks is right” is encapsulated by the Telic Principle. This principle, a generalization of the Cosmological Anthropic Principle, asserts that by logical necessity, there exists a deic analogue of human volition called teleology.
However, due to the fact that God’s Self-creative freedom is distributed over the universe, i.e. His “Mind”, human volition arising within the universe is free to be locally out of sync with teleology. This requires a set of compensation mechanisms which ensure that teleology remains globally valid despite the localized failure of any individual or species to behave consistently with it. In part, these mechanisms determine the state of your relationship to God, i.e. your soul. If you are in harmony with teleology – with the self-realization and self-expression of God – then your soul is in a state of grace. If you are not, then your soul is in danger of interdiction by teleological mechanisms built into the structure of the universe." Moral Laws

"Polytely (from Greek roots meaning 'many goals') can be described as frequently, complex problem-solving situations characterized by the presence of not one, but several goals, endings. Modern society faces an increasing incidence of various complex problems. In other words, the defining characteristics of our complex problems are a large number of variables (complexity) that interact in a nonlinear fashion (connectivity), changing over time (dynamic and time-dependent), and to achieve multiple goals (polytely)." Polytely

"There is thus an isomorphic teleological structure in terms of goals and their ordering which underlies legal doctrine." (UnderlyingIsomorphic Teleological Structuresat Philosophical, Economic, Practical, and Doctrinal Levels)Tort Theory

"Problems are defined by the perception of the difference between a final state (sough after) and an actual state (unwanted). Decision problems are well-structured if the decider is familiar with their initial state and the goal state as well as a defined set of transitions. Funke defined complex problems as being intransparent, having multiple goals (called Polytely), situational complexity, and time-delayed effects [2]. Environmental problems usually are complex and ill-structured or ill-defined [3]. In such situations decision research does not offer a dominant paradigm but resorts to concepts and methods put forth by many scientific fields, like sociology, administrative sciences, political sciences, or psychology. Cognitive strategies of participants, be they individuals or groups, may greatly differ. "The optimum solution cannot be unambiguously determined. Only the relative best of the solutions found can be detected [4]. "Good" decisions are "good" in relation to the goals envisaged. Thus, the problem recognition and -- indirectly -- the goal discussion are important." The Third International Conference on Politics and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications jointly with The International Symposium on Social and Organizational Informatics and Cybernetics

"Language, too, is characterized by the isotelic and polytelic principles; there are many words for each meaning and most words have more than one meaning. The two principles apply equally to a variety of other biological, behavioral, and social phenomena."

"Keith Holyoak and Paul Thagard (1997) developed their multiconstraint theory within structure mapping theory. They defend that the "coherence" of an analogy depends on structural consistency, semantic similarity and purpose. Structural consistency is maximal when the analogy is an isomorphism, although lower levels are admitted. Similarity demands that the mapping connects similar elements and relations of source and target, at any level of abstraction."Analogy
May 23 at 5:27pm

Mars Turner no taxes or tithing allowed
May 23 at 5:45pm


Hisham M Nazer

My friends are cordially requested to leave their answers to these questions.

1. Theist or Atheist?
2. Believe in one religion or in all (spirituality)?
3. Sentimental about only respective country, and reluctant about others?
4. Define Love and your idea about the betterment of humanity.

This is important. Please take few minutes to answer them. ♥
11 hours ago via Mobile Web · Comment · Like

Kaniz Keya 1. Agnostic
2. Again Agnostic
3. Reluctant
4. Love is critical & divine feeling. Practice humanity through sinful thinking.....means think beyond personal experiences.
11 hours ago

Shykh Newaz Romantic love is pain. Better is friendship :)
10 hours ago

Suzanne Michelle 1. Theist
2. I believe in Spirituality...all Source which is Love.
3. We are all ONE...distance and time mean nothing....we are all united in the heart. We are not separated in the soul by race, ethnicity,culture or geographical location.
4. I cannot define love. Love just IS. It is at the core of everyone and everything. We were born from LOVE and LOVE is all there is. Love is all we need. The more we honor ourselves and love ourselves the better able we are to share this love to the world and honor everyone in this world. We are all ONE spirit....there is no real separation. We all come from LOVE ~~~~ ♥
10 hours ago

Madana Dookieram 1. Theist - believe in some of the theory that is written about the god head
2. Believe in all religion - very spiritual
3. Sentimental about - Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Japan
4. True love is the ability to see good in all things. It is the ability to love someone regardless of what they have said and done. Humanity will only evolve if all humans accept the differences in each other. hope that helps :)
10 hours ago

Paul Sultanik 1. Theist,,,,,in a more untraditional, abstract, idealistinc way (inclusive).

2. spirtual / Love / unity / undefined limits / universal / dimentional

3. sentimental same as above!

4. Unconditional / altruistic / eternal / core value / commited

any of the above may change without prior notice...:)
9 hours ago

Liliana Alam As always Hisham, excellent questions of unexplainable matters put concisely to encourage explainable expression between beings. Thank you.

1. Neither Theist nor Atheist. I simultaneously think (and believe) that there is Nothing, and Everything. Logic and no logic, existence of metaphysical transcendence and existence of human delusion. The truth can lie both within the self and externally, but to put human terms on what the truth is, is a futile act.
2. It is people that invented religion, not the other way around. Therefore for me to say that I do not believe in religion would be to say I do not believe in people-which I do. The core essence of all religions from Hinduism to Christianity to Wiccan to Agnostic is the hope for truth and the belief that seeking it will lead to answers. This hope I believe in. That it is possible to ascertain one ultimate truth I question.
3. I can no more love my left leg than my right leg, my brain from my heart. Each country, as is each person, as is each plant, animal, chemical and life form is entirely unique in it's positives, negativities and neutralities. I neither Love all nor do I feel Detached towards all. All is, as it is.
4. "What is sacred? What is the spirit made of? What is worth living for? What is worth dying for? > Love." Between individuals it is everything from beautiful horrific evil romance to total mergence of one with another, to parenthood to friendship of souls. As a whole-And individually, that which is more than the self, is Love. This ties in directly with the improvement of humanity. However as my own mother often has said, "I have yet to meet a real altruist."

I will finish by saying that all of this is at the subterranean base, completely undefinable. Defining it only lessens value. But what is glorious in the game of communication is that beings feel this "undefinable-ness" Thru, and by practicing, all of what is the very earthly, "definable". A most beautiful paradox.