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Thursday, July 15, 2010

From out there....

Gotta love Starbucks. For the free global Wi-Fi access if not for the over sugary coffee. Drink lots of the ooze to hype you up like a jackrabbit in order to give you so much more "time" to do all the stupid shit that you've delegated for yourself to do. Yep. Forget listening to your body when it's tired-just toxify yourself! Be that "hard working productive citizen" that you are and all the 5 Hour energy drink commercials propogate.

Sometime in the near future, ALL internet, Everywhere, will be accessible and free. Way to go Starbucks, even though your motives for doing so are intended for consumers to buy more of your shit-but still, good progress.

after's back into the wild. It is alright coming into here, writing to "loved ones", making sure all are not in a panic. Luckily this is a small town I'm passing thru, so it is not overly consumed by the ridiculousness of the system. Still though-the faces of these people-like a mass of zombies.

Here are some Thoughts, from my journey thus far:


Nature can be tough,
but it is Honest.

Man is neither tough nor honest.

Man has wandered so far from nature that within himself and the external system he has built is overly complicated and an illusion.

Given a choice, I choose Nature.

In essence, man Is nature, but not the majority of man that roams the world now. The "evolved" homo sapien has only evolved towards stupidity and ignorance.

This MUST change in order for real evolution. It IS possible, but only thru the revolution of a small few who refuse to accept the system of the many.



Why do people need watches or clocks,
when the sky, stars and sun above show exactly what hour it is
and what segment of day/night?
Shows how far away man has strayed from nature.

If every person was educated in how to know Nature, and not a fucking
time-ticking device, everyone would be a lot better off.

"Watches for fake schedules. Fuck real activity."



build a fort.

somewhere 34-35 degrees Celcius, but in a forest. With beach, lakes, mountains, rivers and wood. All spheres.

Far from "civilization" -yea , very Civil everyone is- take a look at the news to see how Civil this Civilization is.

Far from the bizarre "laws" that proclaim "ownership" of land.

Man: Ah, I have picked up a pebble, that means, it is mine.

no dumbass, it's not.

Grow vegetables and fruits, entirely self-sustaining.

make own body coverings from cold.

produce creative works.

when fort built,

invite others who wish to join,

build a




I have Broken Free.

Free to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Under no one's rules or systems, nor dependable on any.

No Harvard. No Hollywood. No This or That.

No obligations, restrictions, limitations, orders, internal or external boundaries. No "Keeping Busy" because hey "God is Watching!!!!".


No "work", no "school" (as seem to be the only two choices the masses have come up with as an answer to the purpose of life. LMAO)

No "relationship maintenance". Why does something have to be maintained if it's pure and stems from within?

maybe I'll go back to that whole system after this journey, but, that remains to be seen.

for now....I AM FREEE!!!!!

There is Magic in the air. In my Flesh.

this is paradise

no need for movies. no need for fantasy.

nature is right here all around us, right in front of us.

the sights, colours, shapes and textures I have seen are like a fairy land. The sounds, pure, unaltered.

I don't remember the last time I was this happy and at peace.

The only thing that could top this the only thing to top this would be a soul partner, a new romance.
the being strong enough and wise enough to appreciate truth. To have actively seeked it, to have done what is in the mind. Yes, To share it with someone or many who have the heart, eyes, mind and soul to appreciate it.

Into the Wild-"Happiness isn't real unless shared". Disagree, Happiness bursts internally, inwards, to out. It is real when one is alone. But can it be Heightened? Yes, Absolutely. and Sharing, leads to that.


a Dream I had a few nights ago>

There is a little girl
sent back in time from the future
she has unearthly powers
she moves objects with her mind
she speaks in the language of the ancients
her mission here is to save all

she is not like the silent watchful guardians
of the past

she actively interferes to shift
the future

she is forceful against man's free will
but she is not demonic

she protects all which is righteous
corrects that which is evil

she is a strange little girl
that is the the Force's disguise

do not underestimate her powers
the world is moving




No such thing as Days and Nights anymore

or Separations

Only experience after experience.

The richness of a hundred lives

at any minute.



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