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Monday, July 26, 2010


I have asked many people this question for many years and tonight I heard the best answer thus far, from a very wise friend. Thank you Madam Ajja Tipton.

"What would you define as unconditional love?"

"It is keeping someone in your prayers. Always wanting what is best for them."

This sounds simple, but it is Powerful. All the implications that come from this one train of thought are infinite. The thought itself results in action, and all that comes from that concept of Love.

"Fuck You" is this in actuality, as it is letting go of all ownership, condition and judgement. Fuck You is an I Love You.

Except Fuck You is the negative sphere, I Love You is the positive, unconditional love is somewhere in between, neither of the two.

This is one of the seeds of my frustration with the people of this planet.....I range between such deep care....and then deep disgust-the care partially due to my own ego, and the disgust also due to ego because of disappointment.......but I should let go of the disgust, and the care too-as that is suffocative ego power....and just keep the desire and wish for the world and all the people....towards the best.

I should cease trying to control everything.....the Fuck You is a part of the letting go.....but it's incomplete, twisted.

It is truly generate any true type of unconditional love-which is that REAL thing I was referring to. The PURE, the Unicorn, is unconditional, thinks unconditionally, is in itself...unconditional.

It is the hardest to reach that type of detachment for and towards those you love the deepest....for detaching means truly loving without condition.....

the Fuck You is the ego's easy way out of the real battle.

the I Love You also is.

Without Condition....that should be the goal.


Nebris said...

The concept of Unconditional Love is an awful trap. All relationships are based upon need. We need to eat. We need to breath. We need companionship. So even the saint who supposedly 'loves unconditionally' feels some satisfaction and nourishment from their Unconditional Loving and thereby has their 'saintly needs' fulfilled.

Just have your feelings in an Authentic fashion and allow yourself to have your needs might as best you can. Yes, it's messy, but it is also human and that is in fact the path that you are on.

Our Divine Imperfection can be a wonderful thing if we truly accept. Doing so means when you get up each morning you always know what you're going to do today. *smile*

Nebris said...

PS One of the toughest things to learn and accept is that you are the only person who will never leave you.

Franco thebullet said...

ok, this was a good laugh.


Love? What do you know about love?
HUH??!! I only known you 6 months but I see You friggin' run away from anyone who tries to get close to you. Bullshit I am calling your friggin bluff.

some guy Fyodor (who da fuck is that? another one of your "victims"???) posted a vid up on yer facebook and I'm posting the same one here.

you're a fucking HEARTBREAKER so
I damn well hope you're gettin urs.
even if u is a hot genius Just cuz' ur so "extraordinary" don't give you the right to fuck left and right wit people's emotions. ur gonna bitch at me for sayin' this probly but someone needs to slap all that ego out of you, u need a man to get u right. if it aint me well whoever it is would be doin humanity a real favor. if ur really hurtin that everyone want u well tuff, suck it up, wuld u rather be ugly and stupid? try letting someone IN for a change and maybe your need to destroy the planet would go away. and about unconditional, well how wuld U know bout that??? ur heart-i don't know where it is, i ain't seen it yet. maybe in ur talents but not towards people specially not guys. maybe that's too harsh, i aint sayin ur mean, ur real deep an generous but u need to open up more and not be such a hard nut to crack. not everyone's an asshole there r a lotta people u can trust.

(Whoa) LUDA!
Now I may not be the worst or the best
But you gotta respect my honesty (whoa)
And I may break your heart
But I don't really think there's anybody as bomb as me (whoa)
So you can take this chance, in the end
Everybody's gonna be wondering how you deal (whoa)
You might say this is Ludacris
But Taio Cruz tell her how you feel

[Taio Cruz]
Now listen to me baby (uh uh oh oh)
Before I love and leave you (uh uh oh oh)
They call me heart breaker (uh uh oh oh)
I don't wanna deceive you (uh uh oh oh oh)

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I might tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start

I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart [x4]
Whoa, whoa

There's no point trying to hide it (uh uh oh oh)
No point trying to evade it (uh uh oh oh)
I know I got a problem (uh uh oh oh)
Problem with misbehaving (uh uh oh oh oh)

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I might tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start

I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart [x4]

That's all I'm gonna do woman
(Whoa) Listen now, I'm only gonna break your heart
And shatter and splatter it all into little bitty pieces (whoa)
Whether or not you get it all together
Then its finder's keepers and losers weepers (whoa)
See I'm not trying to lead you on
No I'm only trying to keep it real (whoa)
You might say this is Ludacris
But Taio Cruz tell her how you feel

[Taio Cruz]
(Eh) and I know karma's gonna get me back for being so cold (eh)
Like a big bad wolf I'm born to be bad and bad to the bone (eh)
If you fall for me I'm only gonna tear you apart (eh)
Told ya from the start (eh)

I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart [x4]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Franco thebullet said...

um ok I'm feelin really bad for leaving that last comment Lil. im sorry. I dunno I think I just had a bad day today, lotta shit at work, dealing with morons all day. guess i kind of took it out on you.

I still think ur a heartbreaker with an ego, but i don't think u mean to be. guess it's just who u are. but maybe not i dunno. i think ur just closed up or somethin. wanna tell me why? is it cuz of ur ex that u talked about? or..something else? or..? i dunno.
actually one of the main reasons I love bein ur friend is cuz ur so hot n cool and smart but u dont take it that seriously. i dunno any girls that look like u do and are still hella cool n down to earth.

ok but seriously tho...u shuld open up more. not everybody is out to hurt u, u don't gotta act so tough.

Nebris said...

Well, what can one say after "u need a man to get u right"? That whole 'man panties in a twist' rant sums up Male Privilege better than any of the didactic shit I go on about. lol

The 'gee I'm sorry but...' follow up is also classic Male Bait N' Switch of the Fuck You/I Love You School of intermittent re-enforcement.

Lily, darling, you should take this lil bitch on as a Bend-Over Boyfriend. Use a really big dildo on him. Then dress him up in a French maid outfit and have clean your house. [bet he'd eat it up]

And I suspect that by now you know I'm not joking about this, though I certainly would laugh. ;D

"Mistress Liliana must be Obeyed!"

TheAnomalyInfinite said...



laughing too hard to write a worthy response


ya got schooled mate. I'll deal with you later.

Nebris said...

"I'll deal with you later"

Run, Frankie, run! ;D