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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


The state of people's incompetent decision making skills is never as fully obvious as when I walk by parents and their children.

Yes, there are exceptions, some parents are doing a swell job. Queen Raina for instance, Angelina Jolie, ok, those are the only two I can think of right now.

What the fuck happened to the concept of DISCIPLINE????!!!!!

Parents let their little brats run all over the place, totally out of line and without any sense of purpose, and they make excuses like, "oh, that's what all 2 year olds do." Um, no, you're just a softie retard. Endless paperwork to get a driver's license, an apartment, university examinations, and nothing to have a child????? The most retarded systemic malfunction. IDIOTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREED. PERIOD.

My child, my son, and my girl, when I have them, which will be after age 35 and after I've BECOME, what I'm meant to become, he will be a trained martial artist by age 5 and she'll put Athena to shame. If I'm a legend, well they'll be triple of whatever I am, progenys superior in every way, not just duplicates, not "products" of what I am, but new individual creations that are self-sufficient and self-mindful in every sphere. WARRIORS, are what I will be raising. SPARTANS. Not pussy willow little idiots who pollute this planet. My children will be able to survive in the wildnerness entirely on their own, spear wolves, rule continents, they'll be geniuses, brilliants, exceptionals. And up until puberty, neither of them will even know they have any wealth or status. I'll raise them on an island or deep in the woods, where they'll have no comprehension of money or power. Not until they've been beaten in the senses with the power of Nature, and the purity of Thought, Mentalism, will they get to use those skills to aquire money. They will be beings with understanding, compassion, and insight for all human beings, and they excuse of them being "little" is not gonna ever fly. They will fight hard, love hard, live hard. And I'm not gonna be a "Mommy". I won't ever talk to my children like they're children. They're beings of their own, and aside from the initial training I will drill them with, once they reach of a certain state of self-decision, they will be free to go their own paths. I will not be one of those horendous parents who projects their own image upon their children. My spawn will be the rulers of earth-with however they choose to go about doing it. Our bond will be ultimate.

I will write more on this later as I've fiddled on here while waiting for megavideo to load, I'm finally watching The Hurt Locker, with a bowl of warm Spaghettios. Man I love Spaghettios.

The view of this harbor and the quiet of this place is calming. Water soothes my senses. Off to another adventure in a few weeks, til then this is a perfect training ground. I pushed my body hard yesterday. 4 hours of non stop physical training. Didn't even seem all that long, couldn't believe I went from afternoon to dusk.

I gave out all I had, pushed whatever I had out of me, when I couldn't give any more, and then,

I pushed some more.

"I ran until lactic acid built up in my thighs...then, I ran some more."-Fight Club.


The Hurt Lucker hopefully will fulfill my deep sadness/rage/heat that I feel, a deep, deep sadness, such a powerful and beautiful sadness, exploding in my veins and turning me into the color blue. one that for the time being I'm not indulging in, switching the focus to war.

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