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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mad Men

Mad Men: this show was created for one reason and one reason alone: to brainwash the populace into forgetting that advertising is what fucked America up in the first place. Yes, let's put a bunch of flashy characters together, create sympathy, make it very costumey, sexual, entertaining and suspenseful, pretend there is "no corporate conspiracy" and make everyone who took a part in smoking ads seem like they were innocent and random. And boy are people buying this shit up. One of the most popular shows of the recent years. and guess what else? Since Mad Men has come out, the masses are convinced that free market capitalism actually exists. No dumbasses, it's authoritarian capitalism that is going on-your free will has been robbed. To fellow seekers who wonder why I peruse these shows, it is like tapping into the global network of what direction the elitists want the masses to head towards. The majority of those messages Are going into Television. You can't ignore that it's present. You have to know just what is going on and what type of mentality the majority sheep are in to figure out a way to de-classify and de-program them. Aside from that below-the-iceberg truth, I do salute the suave. Very classy. Fuck Hitler, that was elementary. What's going on these days is Japanese. Smile to your face, stab you in the back. Create false illusion everywhere, propogate it as truth, allow "debate" to occur on the topics (to convince people they have free choices lolololol) and instead of mass genocide with physical death, kill people from the inside out. Well done Rothschilds, well done ;0

>on the same tv wavelength, reason why LOST was created? well, look at the ending.
to propogate, quite vaguely and poorly, the myth of "heaven".

-a bit more on the breakdown of Mad Men

>Joan Holloway:

create a visually stunning female heroine that has the swagger of a man, hips of Mata Hari, re-encarnate Marilyn Monroe/J.Lo/16th century Archetype, (because of course lately women have grown lower in self esteem, and are now excusing being FAT and OBESE as being "curvy", so of course they are looking for shows like this which have a female form that emphasizes curviness. Point is though, this character actually Is curvy, meaning Fit, Healthy, with Curves, but NOT fat. But it's letting women let themselves go because it's "in" to be bigger again. Until some new show comes along making Kate Moss types popular again. L.M.A.O. On again off again.) promoting both feminism and yet still always keep her character Just Enough In Line so that she's always just a step short of wonder woman. So that women will relate, aspire to be her, and follow every movement-meaning...Fight and kiss ass....just as long as you still Bow to da mens. And guess what fashions have increased in sales since Mad Men? Yep. The Holloway wardrobe. Jezus.
-Women want to be her, Men want to fuck her. (basis of creating any female bombshell.)

>Don Draper:

excuse every man for being a rat in the race race, and make it all seem very glamorous, acceptable and most dangerous: Inevitable. Tie his character into the James Dean/Clint Eastwood/Badass/Don Juan Archetype and let every man who watches it relate, seek to emulate the same characteristics in his life. The man who has it all...yet, just like the Joan Holloway character, still a step short always and has his balls nailed to a wall. Let every man think that he's "winning" by being a Willing member of a system.
-Men want to be him. Women want to marry him. (basis of creating any male stud.)

These are the main two brain-fucks going around, but the whole cast is a plethora of sheep-people the populace has been throughout the years mutated into. and this show stamps not only a big fat Approval on this servitude, but feeds it back to the masses covered with a pink bow.

It's like how Americans didn't get that Sacha Baren Cohen with BORAT was taking the piss out of America and Americans with that brilliant masterpiece, they laugh at Him, instead of themselves.

And the same shit continues Over, and Over again.

How are people this blind? It's bad. Really bad. Watching this show, soaking in it, and letting the wheels turn in analysis is another one of the many confirmations of just how bad.

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