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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Absent of doubt, fear, worry, sadness, confusion, loss
is the place of pure awareness in the infinite certainty of the universe
that all will go as it is designed to go
that all paths you walk are meant for you and only you

absent of self-doubt
is the being who gives up the self
to the source of more than the self,
and in doing so is free
limitless in power
free of limit

You are more than what you think
You are more than what you imagine
You are capable of all the mysteries of all the greats preceding you
You are nothing
You are everything

You will never get to this truth
until You delete , "you"

and Become


trust only that which you cannot see
trust only

the ultraviolet tattoo

the mark underneath the obvious truth

do not be led by false evangelists
they are unknowingly and foolishly led by their own egos

do not be led by your own self
you are led by your doubts and illusions

be led by only that which you cannot define


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