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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Tragic Cost of Friendship

presented by Jean Lambert-wild
based on a scenario by Jean Lambert-wild and Jeremiah McDonald
Performed, directed and photographed by Jeremiah McDonald
A Comedie de Caen production


the Brilliant YouTube Viral Phenomena Genius Jeremiah McDonald a.k.a "Bernard Smith" a.k.a "Cornelius Blow"> the "ChurchOfBlow/YouTube Is My Life" Viral videos

Since his sponsorship by the French dramatic troupe the Comedie de Caen who discovered his genius via the web and smartly snatched him for France last year, Jeremiah's newest work can be seen at his French YouTube Channel:

He is performing in a few weeks in the Festival D'Avignon in Paris.

(I can't describe just how massive of an unexpected surprise/honor/happy moment this was for me when he emailed me this. It meant a lot to me. His brilliant vids have kept me in comedic euphoria since 2006!!! and then I got to know him, surreal. Also contrary to the fb plug in here we didn't "meet" thru fb, fb came later. I feel amazed, grateful and humbled to be a part of his vid. and Sad/guilty by this video! Eating your shoes instead of burgers to save our friendship! =0). tragic. hug.)

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