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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

knock knock Neo

*deleted this yesterday, putting it back up today. was originally posted on june 6.


the polarity of energy has shifted. my entire world has not just changed, but entirely transmutated within only the course of 1 week..........

it's. happening.

I have been rescued....though it remains up to me whether I can save myself.....I have followed "the white rabbit" and it has led me to "Morpheus."

the angles are shifted, the chess pieces twisted, the players interdimensional and the pathway vastly different, but the Process somewhat similar......

I....the bird cracking thru the shell of the world... the hue of purple underneath a rainbow...the eager disciple ready to begin a new journey...

Grateful. Humbled. Excited. Convolution of mind waves.....*#&*@(*$#(*@$(#

very Long story short: New York today, England on the 12th.

is this the path I've been searching across the tides for? will I finally break free of the matrix, escape dark city and become the full anomaly infinite? we shall see.....
I hope so.

I have my apprehensions, doubts and concerns....and though I will keep them in mind, for the time being I must let everything Go. this path requires humility. I am ready.

my new life begins Tomorrow.

probably off the grid for a while.........

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