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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


shiny. is it Gold?

nope. not even close.

it's Pyrite. false. twisted. fool's gold masquerading as more than what it is.

too many assume it's the same thing without looking deeper.

and what's this seemingly ordinary lump of nothingness?

an Unpolished diamond. the rarest in the world.

truth should be available to anyone and everyone who seeks it, without going thru one individual.

the only "revolution" happening anywhere is that everyone thinks that They are the revolution. hey honeybunches of ego! if you call yourself a bird, then fucking fly.

problem is, those who speak truth are maniacally obsessed with their own selves.
so much that they can't even prove their own claims.
either you kiss their asses or you're an idiot.

the REAL, is Out there, and it is Within. everyone should have access to it.

Warning: beware of pyrite.

see the future diamond within yourself.

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