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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Ridiculousness of Copyright

No one Owns Truth.

There is a whole mess of pathways in the world for everyone to follow. And any one of them will work for you if that is the pathway you want to choose. What is inherently deranged about each of these pathways is that they proclaim to be the answer to everything, that only thru them can you find the Truth.

I restate, No One, no Where, no Thing, Owns Truth.

No academic institution, science discipline, published manuals, leader or group e.g Illuminatis, Free Masons, Wiccans, Black Tigers, Shamans, etc. blah blah has All the answers.

The answers are pieced together thru your own exploration, and they come from your own sense.

Scientists will argue that science is fact, and anything which is verifiable proven thru fact is ultimate truth. But "fact" in itself is just a man-made term and it applies to something which is Currently known. That doesn't mean it is Ultimate. 50 years ago Fact was that the sun rotates around the planets and the earth was flat. Anyone disputing that was called crazy. Just 8 years ago the natural systems were divided into 5 groups, now they are back to 3. "Facts", change all the time based on new information.

New Age spiritualists argue the exact opposite from the scientists and say that everything is about internal awareness and that Truth can be found from there. But your own internal awareness is based on the perceptions you yourself have gravitated towards, the books and films you've digested, the people you've surrounded yourself with or avoided. There is no ultimate truth to be found Solely from your own awareness.

Artists will say that ultimate truth is about creation, and everything can be summed up by what you produce, create, from the instinct within yourself which comes from the universe, and to use yourself as a vessel for creative production. But Musicians, Artists, Dancers, Writers, Actors, when unable to produce or create feel devoid of purpose. Purpose is more than the act of creating, thinking that you exist only to create will tie your ego to signs of your achievements. But 5,000 paintings, 1 true classic, 80 Grammys, 4 Oscars, will not lead any closer to truth.

Family people, upstanding citizens and taxpayers will say that their way is truth because the real world is affected by what they do, so what they are doing is real. But the world that they are affecting is one that others like them have created. It just takes a small handful of people in the same mindset to create a system, produce babies of the same mindset to continue that system , and so on and on and on. Being a part of a system and contributing to it is not a parallel of truth, the two have nothing to do with each other.

Point is, ask anyone alive anywhere why they do what they do and why they are the way they are and most will state ample reasons, logic and emotions why they are justified. BP oil heads are going to sleep at night with families and kids and without problems. Goldman Sachs employees have been A-OK for years. P.Diddy has no problem with charging $200 for suits and the oh so honorable Deepak Chopra finds no error with spamming himself everywhere. There is a negative and positive in every pathway, in every light, and everything can be argued and seen from any perspective.

Any movement or type of lifestyle, and people who advocate that lifestyle, will fight to the death to defend it, and call everyone who disagrees inferior.

It is dangerous to assign labels and to associate truth with certain labels. If you derive your identity based on being a student, a worker, a seeker, a believer, a non-believer, a family-person, a lone wolf, a good person, a bad person, a hero, a villian, supernatural, ordinary, blah blah, you subject yourself to the closed-mindedness of your own self. Only you know what you are, much of the time you can't express or define it. Trying to define it with pathways, language, and thinking won't fix the uneasiness.

Truth is truth. It needs no advertising or propoganda. Nothing and no-one owns it. If you think you've come across it for yourself, assuming that you should teach it to others is futile as each comes to it their own way. If you do this, it is only a sign that you have not reached truth as you are consumed with ego and become nothing more than an evangelist, shallow, superficial, dangerous and evil.

the concept of Teaching is flawed in that it needs 2 or more people. From traditional schools to non-traditional ones, movements and cults, religions, seminar circuits, mentors and disciples, parents and children. Learning and understanding is something that only requires 1 . You.

The litmus test is very simple. Seek. Find. Test. Continue or Dis-continue.
Seek information. Find information. Put information to use-e.g Test. If it works, keep using it and keep searching for more to build on it. If it doesn't work, stop Immediately. Re-evaluate. Try a new approach.

Having something "work" is not only a matter of the thing itself working e.g "if I go to law school, I will become a lawyer". "if I learn how to masturbate internally, I will have an orgasm without touching myself." There are millions of examples of things that Work that others have shown to Work. The litmus test of something Working, is if it works for You.

You will find whatever you seek, if your desire is strong enough.

Break free and Be free.

in other totally stupid news, my book is being translated into German. Why the need for this or relevance to any of the writing or poetry in my book I have no idea. I am Supposed to feel honored and touched but I feel quite uncomfortable and embarrassed. I have concluded on all matters as of late, that the only thing I can really control is myself (and barely that). What people decide to do or say or believe I can't change, much as I once thought I could. Bersha books and my editor think it is an important and great thing to do, I think it is a waste of time and devoid of purpose. Is it up to me? It may seem like yes, but it's a no.

It remains another big struggle I've been going thru, is Hollywood, Fame, Power really the ultimate way to be a voice for a revolution? Or the Writing game? Or any of these things? Amanda Bynes has declared she's retiring from acting and Megan Fox is being de-throned. I haven't reached anywhere near the platform of success, money or fame to make these type of uber declarations, but

at this limbo in my life, I have to kill my ego and all of my other madness and errors and get to the root of who I am. I love creating and the process of creating, but other types of training are required that I can only do in a completely new environment without any outside interference. for the next year I may take up a job as a hermit horse-groomer and live on a ranch. The days for the body. The evenings for the mind.

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