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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memento Mori

the most I can say is that nothing is as it ever was before.

what I began 6 years ago the energies have transmutated into my visional sphere once again.

the worlds upon worlds within worlds outside worlds.

which sphere and dimension is IT?

it remains the question of what is foe, what is not. what is delusion. what is truth.

when alice tumbled down the rabbit hole, how many times did she tumble?

what has transpired there is no going back from or erasing.

but there continues to be free will.

and I'm wondering if I'd rather the red pill over the blue. it is intangible that I even question the opportunity, the former me would slap me on the head. but the me that has known life within this current life pauses to question the validity of breaking free.

when in essence, that is what I am. the urge to break free.

that is where it started.

but is that where it ends?

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