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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the Reality of Gratitude

I am not a smile. I am not a frown. I am not the hero of my fantasy. I cannot fly nor shoot lightning from my fingertips. what is around me is neither chaos nor order. I will not speak in extremes upon this hour, for there is nothing for me to reveal in exaggeration that is not best expressed thru simplicity.

underlying every moment, in between each hesitation, within the depths of despair, the essence of what I truly feel about life is grattitude.

all that I am, all that I am surrounded by, my past, the potential of my future, the possibility of this very moment, is a gift.

I am thankful.

this is not a glorious revelation. not a powerful sonnet. not an eloquent mantra. it is neither fiction nor fact and holds no bold features which I generally am attracted to. it is the reality of gratitude.

and right now, for me, it is enough.

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