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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


a Parallax, in the Mathematical definition, is an apparent displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines.

Think about that deeper.

Philosophically, this applies to Every sphere of life.

There is an Apparent displacement or difference in the Apparent "position = substance" of an "object = put in x for life viewpoint of a life Function e.g Human/Non-human e.g democrat, atheist, wrong, right, beautiful, ugly", viewed along "two different lines of sight = experience and perspective", and is "measured = judgement & analysis" by the "angle = point of perspective" or semi-angle of "inclination = closer or farther away from a specific perspective".

An apple is an apple. But judging by where you come from, what your experiences are with said apple, what your tastebuds have grown to associate with "tasty", and so on, you will either find an apple delicious or disgusting. Does the Apple, by itself, Change?


Only YOU do.

"you will see it is not the Spoon that bends. it is only Yourself."-The Matrix

Your Vision, of a specific thing, entity, of life, Entirely changes with new Perspective. This also correlates directly with Langan's CTMU (Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe): the basis of reality is not Energy, but Information. (whatever information you soak in, determines your reality. e.g why a lawyer will always argue his way of life is right and an artist will argue his way of life is right. consume the experience of a particular mindset and you become that mindset.) Life. same damn thing. same Essence. take two steps to the side, shift back 4 steps, you see something entirely different.

I wrote about this in a poem a long time ago that's in my book, without knowing what a parallax was or realizing the principle is all around us.

> love
must be a painting
who doesn’t
love a painting
painters love to paint
in different techniques
with different thoughts
and there is love
which is silent
love that screams red
a painter
loves to paint what is real
or what his reality is
there is really not a difference
as i may love a painting
and you may hate it
but you will love another painting
we will both love a painting
and so will everyone else
paint belongs to a painter
but what we see
in a painting
what we love in a painting
is a color of ourselves
and even though
the world is a rainbow
we can never all be one painting

was reading Slavoj Zizek and in his opus magnum he's obsessed with this concept of the parallax.

with my new foray into the stock market, commodities & currency exchange thanks to Alex and Larry, (Larry directly, Alex indirectly) finally the pieces are coming together. My mathematical theories can be applied directly to real world economics, and Hopefully, enough to generate substantial income so I don't have to take gigs I don't believe in for cash. we'll see...Predicting the outflow of people, how they will react, what they will do, and what this means in $$...Directly involves the Parallax principle. Based on the demographic of a trader, that trader will act corresponding to his viewpoints. Graph the pattern. Duplicate. Graph activity. Duplicate. You see enough of the rise and fall of the market and there ARE Definite patterns that emerge. Peaks, Towers, City Skylines, visual representations of numbers shifting thru the human world.

and I have a damn straight gut instinct that tells me pi is somewhere within this too.

coincidence that the film is one of my favs? coincidence meeting Alex? coincidence the insatiable desire to be entirely financially independent and have FYM (what Alex and I like to call Fuck You Money meaning so much money that you can tell Anyone-Fuck You, without negative or irreversible consequences)? coincidence that my show biz manager just happens to be using algorithms for side cash? haaa


not coincidence, at all.

the pieces are coming together and I'm lookin' down admiring the grand design.

Rock n' Roll. pure rock n' roll man.

the Parallax principle explained first in formula, then applied:

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