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Thursday, May 13, 2010

the Music of You

It is raining and the sky is light orange. The hills are lush and green. I am stranded at the base, wanting to climb towards the sky. Wanting to fly above the earth and be free.

When I was in high school all I wanted was freedom from my parents and freedom from the oppressing school system. When I finally got it later on, a whole new slavery amassed. Slave to money, dictating, everything. And you're still a slave even if you're Above the masses. You're still a slave if you're in the entrepreneural world. It's a bigger cage to roam in, but it's still a cage. Because to the most part you always have to provide something that is of worth to other people. You can't ever just exist, for yourself. For the sake of purely existing. But because there is so much weighing on me these days, so much restrainment that I feel, surely there is some way, there's gotta be some solution, a way to rise above this mass slavery. What's really incredible is how when so many people around you think one way, and indeed the entire world around you seems to think in one way, the easiest solution people have for your way of thinking is to conclude that you're Wrong. The whole “majority rules” effect. First you're labeled as a loony and they try to put you away in the loony bin. When you are able to explain your albeit “crazy” thoughts in lucid tones, they realize you're not loony. Then what? Then they conclude that though you are not loony, you are stubborn and selfish. That it's wrong to think the way you think because so many millions of others don't think like you do. That to serve the world, you shouldn't be yourself and true to your thoughts and ideas, but that you should poke and tease your thoughts and ideas until they fit to your world. What a retarded way to live. It's a death trap, everywhere you go. There are so many that have compromised, and know that they have compromised, and they don't want to admit to themselves they have compromised. So the only way for them to feel alright about their own life choices is to tell you that it is necessary for you to compromise. That the only way to survive and the only way to live is to compromise. And what is compromise exactly? Doing or embracing that which isn't absolutely 100% in tune to your inner self. That can be anything from settling for a piece of food that you don't fully like to settling for a job or a lifestyle that isn't fully what you want. Marriage, people always say , is all about compromise. Indeed the majority of married people sound like bitter cynics. Then there are the rare minority who truly are free, in all ways, from their lifestyles to their loves. But unless you've actually met any of these people, or shove them into speaking with cynics, they become urban legends and unicorns that other people assume don't exist. A cynic believes that his way of thinking is the Only way of thinking and living, that sooner or later, after enough living, everyone will come to their conclusion. Newsflash, there are over six billion people on this planet, and not every single one of them compromises....

SO. In conclusion:

There are people, billions of people, all with their own unique thoughts and ideas about the world. It is easy to be surrounded by the thoughts of other people and question the validity of your own. Especially when your ideas are the minority and you are overwhelmed with the majority. There is a sure way to be able to determine whether your ideas and thoughts are truly valid or not. Pay attention to the ickiness factor. There is some wiring in the system which does not allow for anything less than purity to remain. The resistance you feel, if you feel it, indicates that there is something not right in your life. If the thing that is not right, is adjacent to the thoughts of other people, then you know your thoughts are valid. If however the ickiness is coming from within, and not directed towards something external, then your ideas need re-evaluation. If you are true to the thoughts which come from within yourself, your moment of peace settles somewhere in your gut. You can find your way back to it. If you take on the thoughts of others as your own and attempt to live in accordance with them, sometimes this will lead you to your own truths and other times it won't. You will be able to sense that the path has strayed when you feel the ickiness. It is an ickiness that envelops the body, sometimes resulting in physical discomfort, and sometimes only a matter of mental disturbance. If something is not in tune, your body, your being, will be unable to live the music that is living. The way to tune yourself is to listen to where the ickiness is coming from.

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