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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


there is a disease covering this world. a fog that has turned most everyone into zombies.

master a trade. get a job. buy a car. buy a house. get married. have babies. repeat until dead.

gossip everywhere. soulless, dull, monotonous doldroms. everywhere I go, everywhere I turn, it's always the same shit. just a different twist. eventually the pretty fades away and the bitterness of reality is left.

the only place I feel free is in my dreams. so many people on this planet don't even dream. have never even heard of lucid dreaming. oh how much they miss.

fuck this planet.

some days I'm encouraged and motivated by the quest to create the new world, the one that I and several others are envisioning. a pure paradise for the enlightened, free minds of humanity. and then I walk the streets. I see the drug stained sidewalks. the masks on people's faces. everything is like a charcoal painting washing over me. I alone see the future, I alone am the future. I see a place sometime somehow that matches the world in my lucid dreams. is everyone else blind to the sickness of this world? where there is more value in learning common life survival tactics like the rise and fall of economic markets, and taxes, and how to get the most mileage out of your car...and less value on thoughts, ideas, all grouped into the condescending "philosophy". I think, what the hell is the point? there's only a rare few, less than .01 % of free minds left on this earth, and of those, most of them are in seclusion and have figured out ways to be left alone in isolation from the mockery of life this earth race has made. they have been too beaten up to even hope for what I hope for. they have been blasted into hermitude and all they wish for is some peace and solitude. those of us left on the outskirts fight for freedom, but, for who? "normal" society thinks we're nuts, wants us to shut up. we're fools, idealists, radicals, "delusionals". there aren't enough of us to create a political party or movement, we don't have the resources or the tools. and mainly there isn't enough of a demand for our vision. only the few of us want it. reality wins out on this planet, and what we blabber on about definitely, is not the current "reality". but see that's the thing that just boggles my head. in the age of facebook and the internet and all this great revolutionary change, why are people putting so much focus into External change instead of Internal change? myspace didn't exist 10 years ago. now most people can't imagine life without some type of social media. why can't this same openness to change be applied to the very ideals and beliefs of the mind?

act. act in what? in the trash that the hollywood market is producing? what a catch-22. sell your soul to get ahead, so that eventually one day you can come back to free the world.

but by then you're already dead.

I repeat, fuck the world.

times like this I think of Alex's credo, "save the world? ha yea right, are you kidding me? just fuckin' leave me alone in my apartment surrounded by walls of concrete from the idiots. just a little spot on the planet where no-one can touch me."

I'm off to lucid dream. I fly every time.

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