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Thursday, May 20, 2010

same story....same ending?

tumbling, tumbling
sideways vertical
up the escalators down the subway
I'm seeing the angels in the shadows
I'm feeling the blue in the sunshine
tell me, when?

if I see all the 7's, 80 times in a row
if all the geese line up as I walk below
is this the sign leading me to that...x?
come around me, sit beside me, don't say it, say it
I don't care
it isn't fair, not to you, not to me
you're givin' me your heart on your sleeve
my heart is somewhere flying above the trees
tell me, when?

I wanna sleep
I wanna rock into the silence of oblivion
stop talking cuz' I'm not here
I never was
you said it would be better by now, you told me I'd be wrapped up in you
ambiguities, orange juice, monday, wednesday,
tell me, when?

tonight, it's definitely tonight
because the paint brush is mine
the colours that I've splattered on your chest look alive
you wear your heart outside of you
I wish I could remember how to do that too
trouble is I'm closed up and shutting you out
there's a golden microphone that's blinding me
up on the stage and in the city lights
well that's where I belong
you're convinced it'll all come to pass, that this glamour never lasts
that we'll fly into the sunset, you'll build me a ship to space
tell me, when?

I see the children laughing in the park
the rings on all the spring brides
I wish I could believe you when you say one day that'll be us

cuz I've walked down that road before
I've sliced my soul to make it work
I've been flushed down the toilet like a used fetus
believed till I became a fool
I've tasted the joy
been speared by the trap
I aint doin' it again

but freedom's turned out to be a punk ass bitch
once you get're bound to Miss....

so yea, life took pity and brought You about
you kinda fell outta the sky, kinda landed like a martian in my lap
like another chance, and a brand new dance
and I wanna be chained to you, I want to be handcuffed to your shoes

but I'm surrounded by red glasses, holding up my delicate tresses
wanderlust, magic flush
this artsy mess is my disease
my pencil and piano is all I've got, all I've ever had
the only thing steady in this chaotic universe

it's the same old story babe, you're just another face
if it didn't work with him, what makes you think you and I are different?

I've changed and I'm the same
just exgaggerated
it's for the legend I've got to create, that I exist....
that, I've tragically discovered, is the only fairy tale for me

so excuse me when I pass you on the sidewalk
excuse me when I run away from your open arms
this isn't a goodbye

we both know I'm not the one

you say someday, someday you say,
it wasn't yesterday
it wasn't today

so tell me,


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