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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hope it Gives You Hell


what is it?

who knows.

all I can say is that I've "lived in accordance with the truths that came from my inner self"-"Demian"-Herman Hesse, always, and that will remain true to my grave. (unless I discover or come across an elixer for immortality).

right now.....I feel like giving a giant middle finger / HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

to every person that's ever doubted me, underestimated me, miscalculated me, betrayed me, deserted me, abandoned me, and/or lied to me. I feel like the All American Rejects song "Gives You Hell". Also that old Michelle Branch song "Are You Happy Now?". I walk with my head held high and I dare anyone to look in my eyes. All that is there is Me. I truly hope that gives hell to anyone who didn't have faith in me. May all the dreamers out there stay true to the fight, No Matter What.

and to all the people who have stood by my side thru every hellish black hole and danced with me in the rainbows, I have the deepest grattitude and inexpressible humility.

The older I get, the truth of my life sticks beside me, and the garbage floats away like dead flies. I didn't used to think things could be so black and white, but sometimes they are. People, situations, circumstances, the real things stay real and the fantasies reveal themselves to be falsehoods.

it's bitter. it's sweet.

it's life.

what can I say

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