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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Artisan

I am the unloved
I am the unworthy
I am ugly and sullen
I am the brittle leaf on the ground forgotten

I cannot make you kiss my cheek
I cannot make you see me as holy
I cannot be anything more than what I am
I cannot make you love me

I am down here in the docks
I scream as the footsteps crush me down
I yearn for the caress of understanding
I am the faded dream
I am the delusion
I am the pathetic poet singing rhymes of peace in an empty room
I am putrid but my fumes are hope
I will forevermore be giving love whilst I am ignored

I have no other way than being here
I have no where to disappear
I am that piece of dirt you flicked off your shoe

See me dance somewhere down the black river

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