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Friday, April 16, 2010

here and there

Rome and the Colosseum Foot! With Mr.D's clever pedometer invention....

my favorite river street in my favourite city in the world...the Sienne in Paris!
I bought a painting here of a rainy Paris from an amazing local artist and it was the best depiction of France I've ever seen

NYC....Gian... Subway and Coney Island

here are some funny pics he ran across. Not saying I advocate their messages, but, they're Funny!!!

G's Princeton Alumni gathering/reunion thingy is in NJ in a few months...wondering if I will go....might be interesting to discuss string theory with some fellow math nerds

this fall is packed with weddings... why all my friends have decided to get married at the same time I have no idea. It's irrational but I'm feeling like I'm basically the only unmarried person on the planet. Practically everyone I know is either married, with kids, engaged, etc. What's the hurry? geeessssshhhh. What's meant to happen will happen..........> eventually!

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