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Saturday, August 22, 2009


"You are very precious, take care of yourself, please.
If someone fails to value a diamond, it's his loss ... the diamond becomes no less valuable. Plus if a person really loves you, he will forgive you EVERYTHING.

The person who fails to hear your pleas, in fact had already made up his mind with respect to leaving you ... and often that person just looks for an excuse and once he gets that, he sacrifices (butchers) you ..."

-a friend.

That quote describes Perfectly the situation.

Said it better than I could have.

Man when I pick em', somehow I really pick the true assholes. 5 years of that stupidity.

5 years of the damage.

I hate the schmuck. HATE him.

I hope the arrows of poison infect his cruel, cold heart.

I'd like to kill the bastard.

So much ANGER within me. so much, so much, of ....."MUCH"!!!!

I can't comprehend it. Can't even begin to fathom it. Everything for 5 years has been a lie.

How can someone be so WEAK to live a lie? I lived truly. I Loved truly. With ALL I had within me. And he.....

I don't even know. I have no fucking clue. It's beyond inhuman. It's.....evil.

that miscreant, is pure evil. evil Appears beautiful. Appears enticing. Appears strong.

but it is the Weakest of all elements.

it has no soul. is has no infinity. it ends just as black. light....continues on and on and on.

but HE. HE SHALL END. HE SHALL END END END END. because if he could be so cruel to someone,

who has only given him ALL OF HERSELF, then he has no heart. and is therefore already dead.

He doesn't hate me. I was never that deep in him. He was just too scared to say it. Coward coward coward.

I gave him a good excuse.

that's over and done.

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you, FUCK YOU HELMUT MARKO.

You are a disease.

I've been ill for five years.

good luck marrying an uneducated village girl since you couldn't handle a real woman.

marry. HA. You spit those words out to me like a damn hyena.

you don't understand their value.

may the universe help whatever poor woman you choose to "love" next.

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