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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Beautiful Sketches and Poetry from Bilal Malik

"I leave to Gavarni, poet of chlorosis,
His prattling troop of consumptive beauties,
For I cannot find among those pale roses
A flower that is like my red ideal ..."

-Bilal Malik

WOW. Thank you! =0))))

"Like an angel wild of eye,
I'll return to where you lie,
And towards you noiseless glide,
Like the shades of eventide.

I'll give you O dusky one,
Kisses icy as the moon,
Embraces that a snake would give
As it crawled around a gave ..."

I'm blushing. =0))) thank you for Seeing me Bilal.

Bilal Malik

I've taken my leave of all that is not quintessential,
Now the travel and the destination are both rolled into one.
And in my veins, instead of blood, run the green waters of oblivion ...
My princess from beyond the clouds, today I know how to adore you.

Liliana Alam

Oh if I could churn a bouquet from what grattitude I feel,
to fashion roses of love,
daffodils, violets and crysanthemums,
Oh if only you could know, how high I fly today,
that your soul extends a hand to mine.

Bilal Malik

If your spirit were to be a kindred to mine
and return its echoes laden with a sweet longing;
my heart would become the touchstone of Love itself
and I shall touch stars with my exalted head.

Liliana Alam

the miracle of life is that we are all From stars, and thus you and I already have atoms of each other's atoms

Bilal Malik

but we were writing some great poetry ... all the verses (except the one tagged to the picture), i have just conceived spontaneously :):):) ... you are an inspiration LOVELIANA

Liliana Alam

as the bee to pollen, as the sun to moon, as the stars to tide, as mother to child, we are all inspirations to each other

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