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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Damage-Version with Vocals

A friend asked me why I continue to spend time on someone unworthy.


Because if I don't make art out of my pain, I will go insane. Misery, even if Past misery, is only useful if you can be productive from it.

"This is not just a video, rather it is a dirge that bemoans the extreme breach of a loving heart's trust.
It'll for ever stand as a monument to the shame of all those heartless backstabbers that ruin other people's lives owing to an inherent selfishness and lack of courage.
The state of such arrant fools is to be pitied, since, like animals they are incapable of feeling remorse and repentance...thus lacking the essential characteristics of being humans.Woe has an end, shame is everlasting."

-off of YouTube-The Best Comment I have Ever Received. THANK YOU BILAL.

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