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Monday, August 17, 2009

on 2012: So we're either all gonna die or get superpowers....err.....


The beginning to a 14 part series on YouTube about what 2012 will be , what the Mayans predicted, and what we should "prepare ourselves for".


great for laughs.

well who knows right?

but uh yea.

The 3 theories thus far are:

1) Everyone will die
2) Everyone will get superpowers

and #3 among us skeptics:

If you don't have time to watch All 14 parts, here is a brief summary: (I didn't watch them yet, this is from ATS (Above Top Secret . com):

"Basically, after a magnetic pole shift, comes the physical pole shift -anywhere from now until 2015. The Maya say that there is this window and that 12-21-2012 is when their calendar ends, but the actually shift can happen at anytime.

The physical shift brings 30 hours of blindness (darkness). He says the Hopi were actually Maya as well and both have been through many pole shifts. The crystal skulls were filled with the memories of each era before a pole shift.

They say many people died during the 30 hours of blindness because they panicked. The Maya say to remain calm and heart centered. Don't try to move around at that time.

What also happens is the consciousness shift during or after the physical pole shift where all our technology is no longer needed because we will now be able to use our body as like 'technology' instead of phones, computers, transportation, etc...

This is just barebones summary. He gives alot of explanation as well.

I'm sure I left something else out. If anyone watching finds something else of importance that I missed in this summary, please post it.

So, like I said, bittersweet - there will be death for many, but whether you keep your physical body, or are reborn into a new one, your consciousness and psychic abilities will be much enhanced."

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