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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lifted Out of Love's Heartbreak

Out of Love, Into Life.........

How Joyous this feeling is! How Wondrous that I feel it! It has not been within me for a long time. I have been asleep, hibernating in doom. And now, I am Risen.

The Rain holds power again! My nose smells scents. I feel things. The ocean is deep, it's blue never-ending. The sky, cream puff of perfection. People, they are not enemies! They are smiles, they are laughter, they are the warmth of connection, the beauty of contact. Water glitters...

As I take a shower in the fragrance of the night, I am reminded of how Limitless and Vast the world is. It is no longer restricted by the claws of past mistakes. For they are not mistakes, but experiences. My heart is lifting out of a cauldron of boiling pain, as a strawberry surfaces out of a chocolate dipping jar. It is dripping off the drops of regret and damage. It is resurfacing, healed from the wounds the arrows of love has made.

The world is Fresh! The world is New!

No desire is too outrageous. No dream is impossible. No future too plagued by the logistics of reality. The old restrains of a lover's ideals and perceptions are no longer My burden. For my eyes are seeing clearly now, and what a magnificent sight they behold.

The curve of a swan's neck. Oh! The seductive power of a female hip! His gaze, His eyes, are not the sole bearers of truth any more. Men are many, each shining in their minute details. How in love I am with All the world, and not any longer a single specimen of it.

I am leaping out of the darkness. I am running towards the bright light of my destiny. A fate that I design, that I am in control of, that I demand to twirl and twist as only I want it to! Be the clouds purple! Be my eyes white! Be the visions of my imagination a truth that even though at present only I see, the entirety of the world shall soon bask in the reality of. Somehow I will Make, Myself. No material thing, no rule of man, shall stop or alter my path.

Gone are the nights of endless tears. Rid am I of every haunting memory.

They fade away to being gentle reminders of a beautiful taste. I may walk amongst man knowing that I have known love. Even if the love I knew was illusory, even if the lover I had was a lie, even if it all is a dark and twisted dysfunctional fairy tale, it can no longer draw me back into it's depths. It is under My command now. I can choose to think or not think of it at will, whereas before this day, before this hour, before this very minute, it chose to appear in my mind at any time it pleased. It frequented my every whim, blinded my every concentration. And now? Now I Fly!

Out of captivity my arms and legs soar over the paralysis I have been in. I draw again! My brushes and pencils touch my easel and I am no longer empty, but full of sights and sounds to create! I may write! I may write again, of the mountains, of the skies, of the people I have known, of the wonders I have seen. I dance! I dance with the passion previously restrained to only one being! I dance now, in worship of the entire universe. I sway my limbs in prayer, in exhaltation, and not surrender.

What activity spurred the onset of this moment? Such a fine hour is thus! Just as the news of my plunder seized my heart as a mouse-trap, just as shockingly does this Release spring me from my prison. I see the past under me, I Feel my present. I Know the infinity of my future. Alive! ALIVE!

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