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Monday, August 03, 2009

Another segment of advice from my quest for world domination. hahahahaha. (I'm serious.)

Lesson 1: You can never be too prepared. Success is a well thought out plan executed to perfection.

Lesson 2: Basic weapons training is a must for any being living in this century. Start with understanding an army knife. Eventually, you will learn to use your body as a weapon, but for immediate effect, weapons do the job.

Lesson 3: Evaluate your opponent within the first few seconds of meeting. Disguise your observance with verbal wittitude, smiles, nodding, and direct eye contact. Your objective is to determine a) strengths, b) weaknesses , c) life motive.

Lesson 4: Find a good pair of pants. Personally I prefer army pants, they are weather resistant, never rip, and are still fashionably savvy to walk around in without looking suspicious.

Lesson 5: Hydrate. Sleep. Never underestimate those two.

Lesson 6: A continuation from lesson 2: Do not underestimate your body. You can Kill someone with your pinky.


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