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Monday, April 06, 2009

Updated Bio-short version


Liliana Maqsudulovna Alam was born on August 15, 1986 in Pyatigorsk, Russia to Bangladeshi father Dr. Maqsudul Alam, a scientist (then pursuing his phD) and Russian mother Dr. Irina Anatolievna Pyrkova-Corotan (re-married) physician (then in med-school). She migrated to America with her parents at age 6. Living first in Washington State and Hawaii. From the ages of 4-9 her parents tutored her extensively in the subjects of geography, mathematics, world cultures, and science. From age 9 onwards Liliana self-educated herself in the areas of literature, philosophy, science, history, economics, world cultures, art, music, and other disciplines. Her parents divorced when Liliana was 11, and she moved with her mother to Pennsylvania, then to Northern California, moving back and forth between her parents. During her childhood and adolescence she traveled with her mother and father (separately) to Europe, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Russia, the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada and much of continental America. Liliana attended over 20 different schools of varying disciplines (Catholic, private and conservative to public, to traditional, to schools for the Gifted), including Montessori, prestigious private academy Punahou of Hawaii, and Northwestern Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy. Liliana graduated early at 16 from Kihei Public Charter High School in Maui, Hawaii, being the first and only to have done it at KHS, established for "out-of-the-box thinking, self-motivated students". She moved to New Zealand where she pursued a double Bachelor of Science and Biomedical Science degree at Victoria University, changing majors 3 times between Mathematics/Physics/Human Genetics, Psychology/Criminology, and Chemistry/Geology. During this time she worked independently on her Mathematical Number Theory Pi Thesis, and 2 books she had been writing since age 13. She found the university system unchallenging and unfullfilling. It was fatefully around the same when a personal lending situation went wrong, and Liliana was robbed of 10 grand by a former friend, that Liliana (the former non-conformist Idealist) discovered the world of Business. She left university and continues to make a living off of her plethora of mainly self-taught talents: Writer, Model, Actress, Artist, Musician, Dancer, Masseuse, Chef, Entrepreneur. She finished 2 books in 2007, poetry/artwork/photography work "Cacaoethes Scribendi: The Urge to Write", and "The Anomaly Infinite" a multi-genre loosely autobiographical but fictional novel. Liliana has been IQ tested several times throughout her life and is currently at 163 points, with 130 and up being considered statistically "genius".


Liliana was discovered as a Model at the age of 11. However she rejected the offers she received. As well as her parents, particularly her mother. She was invited to the 2001 Talent Convention in Opry, North Carolina but did not attend. A talent scout from a newspaper ad took interest in her, but the necessary parental permission was not given. She graduated from Barbizon Model & Training school in 2002. Liliana was the lead singer, lyricist, and keyboardist of the San Francisco rock/industrial/darkwave band Sui Generis, members Ryan Aranda and Andrew Venable. Though the band has subsided and broken up, Liliana hopes to re-establish Sui at a later period in time. At age 17, she founded EmpireEnterprises, a global multi-media distribution business. Liliana is currently the CEO of EE, which at present has 4 employees but Liliana aims to establish it as a world-wide empire within the next 15 years. At age 20, she became the Creative Director and Art Analyst Writer of Yasumi Online, a website specializing in the sale of Antique Asian Art, the founder of who recruited her upon his belief in her raw business acumen and cutthroat instinct. Liliana independently finds works in sectors ranging from Massage to Writing to Business to Modeling, thru forums such as craigslist, modelmayhem, her previous client base, and of course her websites and google. She is additionally currently signed to MORE Models & Talent in Hawaii, imageModels & Talent and Possum Productions in New Zealand and travels-globally-for modeling assignments. When asked how she feels about traveling so frequently she answers, "I am quite happy that my "home" is pretty much seat 2/4 A on any airplane. What can I say, I am a lucky World Citizen."

Liliana has found representation in Hollywood for her two main current focuses: Acting & Modeling.

She recently relocated to Hollywood and found more success in 2 weeks than many who have been here for years. Liliana is aware of the long and difficult path ahead, but faces it in Joy, with a positive attitude and pragmatic approach.

Liliana utilized the marketing tools of the Internet several years ago and manages about 10 websites, and social networking forums to promote her talents and image to industry professionals, as well as her personal following.

Two projects which are in the long-term future are the secure establishment of her powerhouse company EmpireEnterprises and ATARAXIA, a new school system. Liliana currently scours the world for exceptional talent and people, thru person and online networking sites, building a database of people for her future projects.


As a youth Liliana excelled in all academia, winning numerous contests and scholarships in all fields; indeed achieving the coveted Johns Hopkins Medical School Scholarship for Gifted Youth at the age of 9. (Liliana ranked 99th percentile in a nationwide achievement test). She also ranked 99.9% percentile in a Nationwide Writing Assessment test thru her 9th grade Journalism course at NW Academy, 1st place 2 years in a row at her Piano Studio for best Student, she maintained a 4.3 GPA average throughout early schooling. She was the Only underclassmen in the majority of her grueling Honours and AP courses. In addition to Academics, Liliana won numerous competitions in art, literature, invention/science, music, etc. including an acceptance into the National Musician's Guild Society (for her piano repertoire) at age 10, admission into the Junior Honor Roll Society, 1st place for a memoir and Honorable Mention for a sci-fi short story when she was 10 in the Hawaii state Language Arts Competition, 1st place at the Washington statewide Youth Art Competition,1st place at a junior Science "Invention Convention" for her "kitty kat-feeder", She was tested at Sylvan Center as a 6 year old for exceptional academic ability, again at age 16, and 20 at other testing facilities, scoring 163 points on an IQ test, putting her in the statistical category of "genius", with an IQ of above 130 pts. being "genius". Liliana was the first to graduate high school early at KHS, and did it using her own particular method of advanced AP credits and extracurricular credits from Volunteer work (Hawaiian Humane Society and Medical Volunteer), and taking community college courses in HS.


From a young age Liliana exhibited an interest in understanding the mentalities of people, and experiencing different lifestyles and cultures. She is an Atheist of her own belief system, and has experimented with Wiccan, Goth, Meditation, Buddhism and Agnostic schools of thought. She shaved her head bald at 17 in a move to rid herself of "earthly materialism". Her persona, writings, poems, art and philosophies have inspired an underground following, mostly thru the internet.

Liliana cares deeply about People, all types of people (including everyone from high-power CEOs to 3rd-World Housewives), constantly finding new talent and people, maintaining a personal connection thru emails and websites with her supporters, friends and fan base.

Her artist name "The Anomaly Infinite" derives itself from:

Liliana had the physical appearance of a 25 year old at age 13. The attention she received then and continues to receive from men was overwhelming, and partially contributes to her suspicion of new people at times.

Liliana and her partner Half-Austrian/Half-Papua New Guinean Futboller and Filmmaker Helmut Marko, who she met in New Zealand and has been with for 5 years, have recently split up. Liliana, since Feb. 2009 is currently in a personal state of deep depression and calls this personal period in her life "numb death". Professionally, all remains Perfect, but Personally, Liliana is a wreck.

Liliana has no desire to get married and rejects the conformist plan of marriage, kids, and a house in the suburbs, though is understanding of those who choose this path in life. However, someday, she does plan on having 2 children> a boy and a girl, who will be produced in a genetics lab and will be "perfect beings". She plans to raise them on an island, somewhere in Dubai or a secret location.

She cherishes family and keeps close connections between her father and step-mother (both living in Malaysia with her step-sister), mother and stepfather (both living in San Francisco with her half-brother and step-brother), her 3 yr. old half-brother John Paul, 12 yr. old step-sister Jhsan, and 17 yr. old step-brother Mile Corotan, and family in Bangladesh and Russia.

Liliana has been diagnosed by 5 different physicians and psychotherapists as everything from Schizophrenic, Bipolar Disorder, Hypomania, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder,

Liliana is not on any medication, is shockingly stable and lucid, and believes that what the western medical community defines as "disease" is a gateway of consciousness which allows for higher thought-patterns not as easily accessible by those considered "normal". Her personal and theoretical experience in this category has spurned the creation of papers presenting her arguement refuting the current perception about mental illness.

Due to her transcendent way of thinking, Liliana shifts between being extroverted, highly focused, motivated and achievement-orientated in the practical world, to an introverted hermit who sees materialism, and goals silly inventions of modern society and finds enlightnement in the state of "being".

Liliana's core aims and purpose in life are to fulfill all of her talents and areas to the best of her abilities, and leave behind a great legacy of change in the world by doing so. Her independent marks of significance have to do with her being a Writer, Artist, Musician, Actress. Her global contributions have to do with her entrepreneurial ventures of Inventions, EmpireEnterprises and a new school system for the world. Though both of these areas of Liliana relate to each other.

At the young age of 22, Liliana now stands amidst her vast accomplishments, a down-to-earth, driven, compassionate, multi-talented, multi-dimensional power-force who has achieved much, and is still only at the beginning of the long-term plan of what is to come. Be on the watch for the Power-Force Liliana TheAnomalyInfinite.


Liliana won numerous competitions in art, literature, invention/science, music, etc. including an acceptance into the National Guild Society (for her piano repertoire) at age 10. Liliana attended over 15 different high schools across the globe at different educational systems ranging from those aimed for the gifted to traditional public and private catholic schools. At age 16 she graduated early at Kihei (Maui, Hawaii) Public Charter High School, a non-traditional school for motivated and "out-of-the-box" students. She worked on a scientific research project on pi, of her own thesis, experienced meditation, wrote a book, even shaved her head bald. At 17 she was accepted into prestigious Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand where she pursued a Biomedical Science degree in Human Genetics, Physics and Mathematics, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Geology. Liliana did not find challenge or adequate stimulus in the university or any traditional school environment and left Victoria. She worked on another book, inventions, modeling (Liliana has been modeling since age 13), acting, and various other pursuits. This poetry project is a section of a much longer 10,000 page multi-genre, multi-media, book project, both published as of 2007. Liliana continues to seek bigger distribution for both these works, but at present it is not her priority. Modeling and Acting are her two main current Aims.

Liliana has been tested for IQ and achieved way beyond the statistical limit of 150 points. To give some perspective of the unique workings of Liliana's versatile mind,"Genius", in terms of these standardized IQ tests is deemed 130 points and above. At only 21, Liliana now lives, works, and travels around the world. Liliana calls herself a "nomad/Citizen of the World", and is called a "gypsy" by her father who shares a close bond with Liliana. Liliana is fond of people, observing different cultures, sights and mannerisms, and travels wherever her creative juices, goals, and huge ambitions inspire her. Liliana's message to all dreamers, believers, creators, and all people everywhere is to "imagine. don't listen to what your naysayers tell you, pursue the visions in your mind with unshakable determination and lastly, Love Everyone. Fear Nothing. Rule the Universe." Liliana is known in underground circles as "The Anomaly Infinite" for her vast and unique abilities in countless areas, the first being of her kind-The Anomaly, for having talents without explanation or end-Infinite.

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