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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remember The Name

"It takes......10% Luck, 20% Skill, 15% Concentrated Power of Will, 5% Pleasure, 50% Pain, and 100% Reason to Remember The Name".-Fort Minor . Disclaimer: This is FORT MINOR'S SONG AND THEY OWN ALL THE COPYRIGHTS. Remember: LILIANA ALAM. Hollywood Model. Actress. Published Author. Musician. Artist. Entrepreneur (CEO, Empire Enterprises). Dancer. Inventor. Masseuse. SUPERHERO. Visit Liliana's Official Website:

Hey everyone. So within this video are a few random clips of my dancing. Well, not exactly dancing, more like just jammin'. Better quality vid/reel of my REAL dancing will be up soon. I told y'all this would come out-the clips thing, so here it is. Enjoy lol. =0p

This is the YouTube version> had to audio swap the song cuz YouTube has a stupid copyright ban on "Remember The Name".

The song used in this video I switched to, "Build It Up"-feat. Max One.

So....the photos, dancing, looks a bit off in this vid, but it still works (overall theme.....yea the lyrics to this song are dope just listen).

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