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Monday, April 13, 2009

Top 5 Things I Love about Living in Hollywood


: I came to Hollywood to make it all a reality. And every day, I get closer to my Goal.
The DREAM, of everything I want, just in my reach, and yet so far away, is why I Love Hollywood and Love Living IN Hollywood.

2. Everyone here is in the business

: If you walk down Hollywood Blvd., you are GUARANTEED to find a Musician, Actor, Comedian, Model, Museo, "Entertainer" within 2 seconds of yourself at any time.

Having spent a large majority of my life being surrounded by Academics, being so close to, and at the heart of a city where Everyone is crazy and artsy is food for my soul. Seeing Musicians strolling around with their guitars, Comics on street who do stand up right on the boulevard-some of them pretty funny and make me laugh, Actors that I can share my love of drama for, Models-being amidst fellow Amazons is Awsum!!!! I no longer feel like a freeekazoid!!! Well, no, I will always feel that way, but, being surrounded by my sistas makes me feel good. And even though, yes, we are all fighting for the same thing, I still feel so much LOVE and PASSION amongst everyone who lives here. Like me, the majority of people here are risk-takers. People who gave up Everything, to come to Hollywood to fight for their dreams. What better city could I be in? NYC is like that too and it rocks, but I like the weather in LA. To sum up, As Bret L. Thompson says , "if you were to throw a nickel with your eyes closed onto Hollywood or Sunset Blvd., you would be 98% guaranteed that whoever it hits will be a Musician."

3. Hollywood Boulevard

: I have dreamed for many years of being one of the stars on the walk of fame. I walk the street every day now, it is right next to my apartment. And the euphoria, the historical, epic, significance of where I am never ceases to amaze me. Even the jaded and numb must admit, Hollywood Boulevard is still one of the grandest streets in the USA.

4. The Money (and the Networking)

: Maaad easy to make Maaaad cash here. Nuff said. ;0

5. The Cultural Diversity

: Everything from hot women -so cal women are the level of beauty that All women should be at. It's nice to finally be at clubs where women dress like women. Now if only the Men would step up their game. To museums, a gazillion restaurants, ethnic food, cheap thai massages, sophisticated areas, rich bev. hills, ghetto south central, the best of the best, the worst of the worst, awsum tattoo parlors that have siiiiic clothing, vintage shops, street performers, healthy lifestyles-people here are In Shape and stay Healthy, I mean you have everything from the skater punk who never finished high school to the harvard grad who came here to be an entertainment lawyer and make mega bucks.

LA is awsum in the sense that it is a great melting and mixing pot of all types of ideals.

It can also be tempting, and a distraction to those without focus. So, anyone thinking of coming to LA to pursue your dream, I definitley recommend it. BUT. Make sure you have a clear-cut PLAN OF ACTION before you come here.

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