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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Pirate on Hollywood Boulevard (sorry, I won't tell you his name)

There is a man.....

on the boardwalk....

He's got long black hair and these intense, piercing eyes

seducing you as you just try, just you Try and walk past him

at least that's the version of himself that he'll invent.....

behind those black locks is a baby blue blonde

a child reachin' for his soul in the stars

I kinda know him, kinda buddy-buddy, kinda we made talk.....and...Dot....Dot...Dot....

ha-ha, you know I can't reveal him to you.

I spy on him sometimes as I wander thru

the maze of Hollywood and all its sparkling lights.

I watch him seduce the millions with his smiles.

A sense of pride, a sense of joy, I levitate as I watch him soar.

It takes a fistful of ambition

A firecracker of dreams

A solid determination

And a hustlin' swagger from the street

To make it Hollywood.

To live the life, that you've seen in the movies.

To be in the tabloids, to be hounded by the paparazzi,

to get all the dinero, to be the one who millions envy.

I see the man.

he don't see me.

He don't know that I silently pray for him.

I wish him well, I wish him hope.

As he parades on the boulevard.

A stolen pirate costume.

A charm with the tourists.

They slip him a $20, he hands them his soul.

See they don't know, how deep he feels

They don't know about the screenplay on notepaper he keeps inside his leather peals

They don't know he's sacrificed it all,

just for a spot,

to be noticed,

on this here Boulevard.

they haven't seen him rise up in the early dawn.
let go of the comforts of sleep,

just to make sure he doesn't waste a single day here.

They don't know that he has no home
he wanders the streets at night

to save every penny for a film studio someday of his own

he may make love to many
i only wish some of them make love back

this pirate of mine, he's got a lot more within him than can ever be measured in hags


they don't see his depth.
they don't see his soul.
they just see a pirate with a sword for a picture
that they can keep as a memory when they go back home.

those people you see, those nomads on the street,

the Spiderman, Pirate, Catwoman, Marilyn

The Elvis, the Scissorhands, the Saw, the China man

they're all here in Hollywood........entertaining you cuz they Do give a damn.

so don't be a snitch.

don't tell the world that you know.
just tip them in silence
and let their sad little smile raise a moment of peace in you.

oh you, oh you, oh you. I laugh in amusement, my brother, my compadre in this race.

You go get that dolla.

You go win today's battle.

Dressed in rags with your dreads, I know you'll one day make millions.

I'll keep watchin;, sometimes , lookin out for you

up on top of the galleria.

Every day you're out there. Every day you show up on time.

You make all the girls blush.

And you make me shine with pride.

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