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Monday, April 13, 2009

Psychiatry, An Easter Bunny, Stalkers and Retail Therapy

Lol my Easter was quite...interesting. I went to see an exhibit on Sunset Blvd. called "PSYCHIATRY-AN INDUSTRY OF DEATH", sponsored by the International Citizens Commission of Human Rights. The exhibit's (which by the way is YEARLONG so please, if you live around here like me-GO!!!!!! It is a good way to spend a few hours. The basic tagline is "Find out how clinical trials are spun, drug side effects buried and how mental disorders are not discovered, but created in committee and marketed to the public."-it was really great. Quite biased info, with a large Booming (think of movie theatre trailers) voice in all the video presentations-with haunting twilighty music, but still, interesting. I always pass by it, and just never have the time to go see the exhibit so finally made a point to go.

It brought back some....very vivid memories. I really want to write it out, write out in detail what happened to me when I was 13, sometime when I have the time. The exhibit caused a lot of pain and anger to be unfurled in me that hasn't been in my mind for quite a while. For me, it touched on a very personal note, those who know me, will know why. But for anyone who has no experience with psychology, psychiatry, mental disorders or any of such, it is still a really great place to visit to learn about the medical community in general. There are a lot of factoids/historical tablets on the walls which you could easily spend a whole day just reading.

And then, some random dude creeped the hell out of me with following me for 5 blocks. YES FIVE BLOCKS. At first the library was closed, so he was like, oh is it closed? and I said yea. And he's like what's ur name. And I said my name is "not interested". happy easter. and he said, aw but I was supposed to spend easter with my family , and now I'm all alone, can I buy you a pizza? And I said no, I really don't feel like being around people right now. And he was like, aw, c'mon don't be like that I'm not a pervert. And I said, No. Please excuse me, I really have to get going.

And then, I just walked fast down the street. A block later, just to make sure, I look back, and THERE HE IS. JUST STROLLING BEHIND ME, and the little mother fucker WAVED to me.


Anyway that was another impetus to go to the exhibit, to get him off my trail. ick.

BUT. get this.

After I leave the exhibit, oh wow, the sunshine was damn bright, lol.

But yea, so I'm walkin' along Sunset again, and now A DIFFERENT DUDE just starts staring at me. I mean I get that all the time-not to be arrogant just stating the truth-but I mean this guy was REALLY just, STARING at me. So I just pass by him trying to ignore it . I'm on my way down Vine to the Subway/Metro and when I'm crossin the street, I see the dude has gotten up and is now following me.

At this point I'm kinda creeped out because he does NOT look friendly. So I take my pepper spray (I CARRY THAT EVERYWHERE I GO IN LA) out of my bag and clutch onto it like it's my finger, and start sizing the dude up from far away.

I actually kind of do that with anyone I meet: its kind of just automatic-size up what I think it would be like to fight them, their potential strengths, weaknesses, what side they lean more to, what their stance would be like, whether I should be defensive or aggressive, and ultimately, how to beat them.

There wasn't much I could see about the dude, but I could tell he was a straight shooter, pretty simple. The "man" type, who always stands leaning to the right, punches with a curve, usually too aggressively and so his ankles are the place to target to get him off balance as his entire weight goes into his right hand-oy-stupid fighters-so anyway, as I'm plotting out the potential fight which may occur in my head, I'm almost at the subway.

And then, jeezus I mean this thing scared the heck out of me,

a freakin EASTER BUNNY is rising up on the escalator. WTF and LOLOLOLOL. A grown man, dressed in an Easter Bunny suit. It was seriously, the funniest shit I have seen in a Loooong time. I mean I cannot explain how hilarious this was. It was the corner of Hollywood and Vine, around 2/3 pm, tourists around, also locals, and the mood was kind of festive with Easter, but still , it was nowhere That festive. And all of a sudden there is this Bunny just coming off the escalator-the subway exit.


What a good easter. Ya gotta love livin' in Hollywood.

I was bummed out Victoria's Secret was closed, I really, really wanted this one particular item and I don't want to order it online cuz it takes way too long to get here!! GRRRr... I will check today.

And yea whats up the library being closed on Easter? Bastards.

Well, hope your Easter was very Eastery , and hope you spent it with the ones you Love.

I wish I could have!!!!!

Oh, btw, lol, I didn't finish the story.

Right, so the 2cd creepy stalker dude.

Ok, so after staring at the Easter Bunny for about a minute, as he waltzed his way onto Hollywood Blvd.-the subway side, I look back to see if the dude is there, and thankfully, he wasn't.

So, I guess the Easter Bunny was really a guardian angel.

Thank you, anonymous Easter Bunny man.

But , of course, you do realize,


You can see me here below, this was when I tried to assasinate Dubya in 2004. Unfortunately, my mission was not completed because I was distracted by all of the yummy eggs they gave me at the white house. DAMMIT. Control your hunger, imbecile.

Ok ok I forgot another part of the story: Retail Therapy =0)

Stuffs I bought which yes, material shit don't mean nada, but this stuff made me Hapeeeee

-Risky Business (my fav. movie)
-an awsum shirt with Stewie from family guy on it with the words "You Imbecile!"-got it on some skater shop across from the Pig N'Whistle on H Blvd.

-yummy fresh sandwiches at Fresh & Easy
-2 posters from Virgin music store >a Trainspotting one, and an Albert Einstein one "The greatest thing we can experience is the Mysterious, for it is the source of all true art, and all science."

-a roll of tape>to u know, put up the posters. lol.
-a bottle of J.D Thomas's Coffee Liquer-I have never tried it. I like to constantly try new things. I think it will be like a very strong version of Baileys-except it's not milky white-its straight up Liquer.

so ya. Retail therapy is niiiice.

I wanted to get these 2 specific books from the library but bastards was closedddd.

-The Epic of Gilgamesh (mankind's first historical literary account of a hero's journey to achieve physical immortality)
-Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever-by Ray Kurzweil (man I wanna meet this dude)

=0(. oh well, some other time. maybe today. though I doubt it, not enuf time.

Well as you may know, one of my other aims in life is to become Immortal.

Good luck!

Oh, and this is one of the images which will soon be on my left wrist. I am planning on getting a Tattoo-my First Tattoo, very soon.

This is the ancient mythological symbol of Phoenix. It symbolizes re-birth, hope, and immortality. Those who bear it are marked with unsurpassed beauty and excellence>meaning one who cannot be equalled/no match. It is the symbol of reborn idealism/hope.

I also will put my scientific emblem which I invented years ago on my wrist. I will post up a pic of me with my new tattoo as soon as I get it.


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