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Friday, February 20, 2009

Real Love


It Began with:..........................

and then.... (in my opinion, one of the most raw, beautiful love scenes there ever was in a modern movie.)

(while Giuseppe catches her as she tries to run away meanwhile yelling insults at him, pulls her to the ground, rips off her clothes, pins her down as she claws at him unsuccessfully trying to escape.)

Madonna/Amber: Get Off You Pervert! Get OFF!

Why should I pay for all of life's injustices?

You're Obsessed!

Giuseppe/Peppe: (Angrily)

Obsessed with Justice


You Maniac! You Sex Fiend!
Pervert, Get off!
What are you doing?! (Peppe grabs her arm and crushes it down into the sand.)


I'm going to destroy you and make you feel what a real man is like.

(rips down her panties)

You have never known a real man.

(kisses her on the mouth)

I hate you, but I like you.

And you know it.

Come on, say it.

Admit it, come on.

(Amber is struggling and writhing about trying to get away from him and slaps him the entire time she's pinned down)

Say it. Confess your burning desire.
Come on. Come on.

(Squeezes her arm harder. Amber slightly moans/gives up.)

Are you saying yes?

Are you saying Yes?

(Amber weakens her body, releases her hold.)


Yes. I'm saying yes.

(Peppe is on top of her, she is pinned to the sand. Almost naked.)


Well, it's No.

Because I'm saying no!

(gets up quickly and almost spits/forces his face into hers)

You must fall in love!

Head over heels in love!

You're already my slave.

I want you as my love slave.

You'll crawl and beg for mercy.

Your loins will burn with desire.

With crazy passion, like a sickness!

I'll get under your skin. Into your head.

Your heart.

Your belly.

I'm going to be your God!

Is that clear?

(Amber meanwhile is half-crying, half-moaning)

You don't know yet who Giuseppe Esposito is!

(Peppe, up, walks off rapidly in anger, kicking the sand as he walks. Amber is sprawled on the sand, head in her hands, sobbing)


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