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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


You say I am your Princess.
You quothe that I am your Queen.

That I am the Moon, The Sun, and all which lies between.
You say you see me in every River.
That the rain is Mine, and Me.
That there is no rise nor sunset unless you are beside me.

Yet love, where are you now?
When the earth revolves around me in light speed.
When everything is shaking, and I could use the plateau of sanity.

Where were you when I fought the dragons?
Where are you whilst I battle the moats?
Henceforth your "Queen" you underestimated, I am King, Alexander, I Rule.

Oh Love, I gave you all of it.
All the magic they all want.
You had it all inside and around you.
Protecting your innocent heart.

As deeply as you understood it,
Just what gift I bestowed upon you,
All the saving we did of each other,
My've killed it now.

Where are you in these hours?
Must I only see you in my dreams?
You break my heart quite daily,
And contradictively state I am your saving grace.

Is this how you treat your martyrs?
Is this how you love your Love?

You've bashed me up and spit me out.
No, I will never let you in again.
You haven't even had the courage to, face my eyes in your sin.
Go! Go travel the mountains.
Fine, go and bring me that blue rose.
None of it will matter.
You've deserted me when I needed you most.

I thought you were my Universe.
I thought we were the Truth.
Now the mirror has erased her illusions.
And I see now, the true you.

You've bashed me up and spit me out.
This who you called your "Queen".
This "Queen" departs from your boyishness.

Now I will stand alone.

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