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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How I -LILIANA TheAnomalyInfinite Am Different-FACTS

So. The rest explains itself. Breaking down Hollywood for y'all, and just how powerful, and explains WHY I can claim that I am indeed powerful.

Firstly. Let me give you a breakdown about what most aspiring actors/actresses go thru in LA in the first year.

1. They get here. Most, can't afford their own apartment. They get jobs as waiters, waitresses, etc. They have roommates, their living conditions are poor, and they are miserable.

2. They go on countless auditions, for really really, bad parts, usually in television commercials.

3. They do their best to get an agent. Many run into scams, and end up getting agents who are totally useless and don't submit them for anything worthwhile.

4. The smarter ones go to the good agencies. But many, after a year, discover that really good agencies already have a huge talent pool, and don't submit them for things because they already have celebrities among their clientelle.

5. Many who come to LA, after 3-4 months, leave back to wherever they came from. Some, it takes a month. Average time, about 7 months.

6. Those who do stay here for longer, after getting an agency, still usually, after a year or two of being here, have never even been Offered a part in a movie, much less actually be in one.

7. They do get some extra work, do a few independent, no budget films, usually For Free-means no pay, all the while keeping their waiter jobs and living in their tiny studio apartments, usually with a few roommates, and because they can't cook, eating mcdonalds every day. Many at this point get hopeless and start doing the drugs/sex thing.

8. The smarter, focused ones, get some reputation, and join SAG. which takes about 2 grand for membership. SAG is Screen Actor's Guild. This is basically, like, a scholarship/highest level for an actor, a union that was established to make sure that whatever job you get in acting, you Must be paid at least a minimal amount. There are 3 others also which are unions like this: AFTRA, BAFTA, and SEG. So, calculate those totals. about 10 grand, just to JOIN these elitist unions, which don't Guarantee work at all. All they grant you is a "status", and that IF someone hires you, they are forced to pay you. But it's not some big amount. it's like a $30 minimum a day, which I'm sure you know, is actually LESS than if they worked at burger king.

so, by this point, someone has usually been in Hollywood for a few years, and because they have the passion, amidst the nagging they receive from their friends and family, they keep at it. But slowly their soul starts to eat away and they begin to become cynical. And you can tell it immediately in how they talk. It's very negative.

So, there's a lot more steps to all this, but this is just to give you a general idea of what about 95% of aspiring actors go thru in LA.

So. Knowing THAT (and of course I've given you a VERY BASIC outline, it goes waaaay more into depth, if you actually cared to research it, you would know.)

This is how I, LILIANA TheAnomalyInfinite am different, and what My experience has been so far. And this is due to my again, exceptional business skills, networking sense, and general "Liliana-ness". This is not arrogance, this is just FACT.

1. Got to LA. Never had to get a waitress job because I started making money RIGHT AWAY in 4 different jobs that all paid at least $35 an hour, except one for a non-profit, which I quit after 3 weeks anyway. 1 of those jobs is my main income now-massage work, I make more in an hour than most make in a week (I make at least $100 per hour). on top of that, I have modeling gigs and acting gigs.

2. My monthly revenue is appx. at LEAST 4-5 grand. And will probably gross higher. I am saving to buy an apartment/house before age 25. Whatever I don't spend on rent, billls, living expenses or savings, goes directly towards helping my family.

3. I have an Apartment. a 1 bedroom apartment, in the Hollywood area, with every amenity you can imagine. this is UNHEARD of, for a beginning actress, at 22 years of age, with ZERO connections prior to coming here.

4. when I first go to LA (a little over 4 weeks ago), my cell phone contact list was 3 people: my Dad. my Mom. and Helms.
I now, no lie, you can see it for yourself, have 120 PROFESSIONAL, SOLID contacts on my cell. Some of which include Paris Hilton's agent representative, Tila Tequila-a big celebrity here, Clive Davis's front runner (in the entertainment world Clive Davis is like Stephen Wolfram in science).

5. I have a network of FRIENDS-good people, who have genuinely HELPED me of about 30.

6. I am getting a FREE car.

7. I have been offered not just A movie, but the LEAD for 6 movies. It's up to ME what I pick-this is again, UNHEARD OF for a beginning actress in LA. And how I got this is by being NICE to people, being super smart, and networking, networking, networking. FOUR of these films, are STUDIO movies. Which means, big money. HUGE money. And they are ALL in my acting genre, meaning they TYPE of work I want to do.

8. In the beginning I was using subway and bus. Since 2 weeks ago, I don't even leave the apartment without a ride. Every massage job I get, the massage clients pick ME up, and drop ME off. Every modeling gig, I have an escort. I don't even need to use public transport. I still do, just for fun in the past week, but I have enough friends with cars now that until I get my car, I don't even need a car.

9. I have full internet, phone, tv, and a fax machine. Keep in mind a lot of 30 year olds who are here don't even have that.

10. I have already attended TWO PRIVATE, INDUSTRY, STUDIO screening premieres of HUGE films. Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button. This is again, unheard of.

11. I've met Gordon Ramsey, a famous chef. This is rare because most people don't meet any real celebrities until at least their first year has passed.

12. In all my time here, besides a first incident in the first week where I accidentally lost my wallet, I have never been mugged, raped, drugged or any negative experience.

13. Everywhere I go, any day, I get at least 2 business cards from agents, just on the street. And MOST of them check out to be legitimate.

14. I had 7 agencies actually Fighting over who got to sign me on. I'm currently with a personal agent who is putting a lot of attention into me. He's already submitted me for 2 television spots for HUGE shows-ABC'S "Greek", and Fox's "Bones". For any agent, to get a beginning actress, an actual submission into this, usually takes people YEARS. I didn't even have to audition, he just spoke directly to the casting director.

15. I am well dressed. I am well fed. I can cook. I am healthy. This again, very rare.

16. I am a genuinely NICE person. And I am DRUG-FREE.

17. Modeling>I've already modeled in a HIGH FASHION show, and the rest of the models there have been trying to get into a show for months.

18. People are STUNNED with the amount of success I've had, in a ridiculously short amount of time . now of course, all of this, everything is superficial. That is what this industry is. BUT, it is a totally different path so far than the majority experience. And, the people I've made contact with, are SERIOUS, POWERFUL professionals, who know my GOAL is to be an OSCAR actress, and will do their best to help me. No guarantees, but I'm firmly planted here and doing whatever it takes to reach the top.

There is a LOT more. But basically, what I've presented to you are not "illusions". they are FACTS.

And it would do YOU a lot of good to recognize the ability I have. You might feel not only more at ease, but can finally allow yourself to see the star that everybody else is seeing.

No. This is not arrogance. I just know who I am, what I have to offer, and have known it before I even got to LA. everything that has happened has only been physical PROOF of the "psychological philosophy " theory I keep telling you all about. You may not have believed in me, but I have believed in me. I know, at some level, you have always believed in me and have always done your best. But , know that , if it wasn't for my belief in myself, I would not have been able to achieve what I have in this short amount of time. My confidence, combined with a down-to-earth approach, is what professionals Like to see in an actress. Because many actresses here, yes, they are beautiful, but they can't hold a conversation, they are stuck up, and worse, they are not smart, and they lack business sense.

I am immensely grateful for all the help I have received, and continue to receive, and feel blessed and truly humble.

I love every second of my life, and the only thing missing right now is Helms and the full support of my family. I know I am supported, but I don't think you have ANY IDEA of just how well I have navigated LA, and just how well I am keeping my sanity in this crazy land.

This is the girl who only 3 years ago didn't even know the word "business", was starving, ran into a stupid mistake with a con artist and was robbed of 10 grand. Fast forward to now ,managing all of her talents basically AS a self-run business, the CEO of her own company, and talking with CEO's of some very powerful agencies here. And not bashing one eyelid, remaining calm. At 22 years old. and a WOMAN.

by Most actors/actresses, let me be more specific. 95% AT LEAST go thru that sad cycle.

Hollywood is all about the 20 year olds. There are tons who come in, tons who leave.

This is the place that will either make all your dreams come true, or ruin you, if you let it.

The difference with me is that I DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL. I fully get that is is BUSINESS. and when I do a job, I am not Liliana or Lili. I am A PRODUCT.

I am able to seperate the Me, the little buska me , from the CEO, corporate, big lady me, and THAT is what keeps me grounded and sane.

Again, not arrogance, but just letting you know, for a TWENTY TWO year old to be able to do this , especially a WOMAN, especially not even having lived in america for 4 years, is RARE.

And again. What you should look at, continually, in people, is Where They Have Come From and Where They Are Now, and Where They are Going.

Do you remember how Terrified I was of coming to LA?

I was SCARED BEYOND ANY DEFINITION. Fear is not an element that should ever stop anyone. Everyone gets scared. Being Brave and Courageous is about doing things REGARDLESS of how you feel. It is TAKING A DIVE INTO THE UNKNOWN.

I gave up EVERTYHING to come here. And I've never been happier. This is the same girl, who just 6 months ago on a beach in New Zealand, was not sure how she was going to manage in LA or what she would do.

you see, I have always told you, you put it in your mind, and it visualizes into reality. You rarely believe me, but I'm living proof of that theory.

I wanted to come to LA.

It took me some time.


I thought it, and now it's my reality. Every day when I step out from my apartment and walk on Hollywood boulevard and I look up at the palm trees, it feels like a surreal dream.

I am blessed, and thankful to you, all who have helped, to the universe, and yes, to myself.

I hope you can take some time to think about all this....

And please, I ask, as I respect you all as people, and as professionals, please do me the same honor.

Again, not in arrogance, but I KNOW I have worked hard for it, and I deserve it.

I am what I am. Not here to impress anybody. Not here to put down anybody. Just have huge goals, and am rapidly coming closer and closer to them and achieving a lot along the way. But even if I should fail, it would not be a failure because I've given it my BEST and I enjoy every minute of this grand journey. I am grateful for every minute. Thank You!!!!



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