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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PI 3.14159...the pattern of the universe

“Something” Vs. Everything Else

Nothing is certain
Nothing is everything, everything is nothing, they both don’t exist, and with their non-existence they exist
life = death

There is no such thing as an atheist. Everyone who is alive is alive because of “faith”. Nobody knows why they’re here, what will happen, what is the reason for stars, planets, galaxies, “the universe”, all of existance. Yes they have knowledge, yes there are explanations and rules for what IS here. But there is no explanation of WHY it is here. People live because they believe. All of life lives because of a belief. Bacterial cells have a genetic imprint, a universal core structured into their being that they may not have the ability to be aware of, but it is in them. Why? is everyone such a fool? This illusion, why can’t everybody just die? Belief=stupidity. Both “classifications” don’t even exist, there is nothing, which = everything. Life is death so death wouldn’t be freedom, because it will still be belief of some sort. So how to end all of existance? How to abolish EVERYTHING? life, death, energy? There is no proof for anything, why to live? “beauty”, “truth”, “ love”, bla bla. Why do people have faith in anything? Enough to stay alive...? survival, pleasure/comfort, love, emotion, genetic universal imprinting. They call Hitler a murderer, but HE understood, he was a “genius”. How to do what he did on an ARMAGEDDON scale? All will say, ok, if we know not why we live, then why die, as it is the same thing? Living is probably better than dying, for all we know. YES!! exactly!!! Belief to “die” : sadness, “giving up”, anger, lonliness, lack of love, lack of BELIEF. BUT-this lack of belief is not a lack of belief of ALL , EVERYTHING. it is just a lack of belief for LIFE specifically. Life in the human sense. What to be done? If not life, if not death... A complete.. something which has never yet been understood/that has no basis nor any... They say that it is my mind which is controlling me (“bipolar” schizophrenic, psychological disease, etc.) that I shoudl just and be able to DO without questioning. “curiosity killed the cat”. BUT, their minds are programmed to DO without question, whereas I question without doing. So we are both parallelly trapped. As i am writing this, I am trapped. Neither side, nor us who question or those who don’t are FREE. slaves whether we think or don’t, live or die. What is free? Freedom is an illusion also, but FREE in the sense of non-existance. existance is “work”.

"How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics!" This satirical statement is a clever mnemonic device for remembering the first 15 digits of pi (including the first "3"). Note how the number of letters is the same as each respective digit.

Human was the music, Natural was the static… - John Updike

What seems to inevitably come up are three major opinions on the topic of religion vs. math/science: 1) religion is right, 2) math is right, 3) (this is the most controversial by far), encoded within the digits of pi is the message that “God/supernatural force is in mathematics”. It is a well known un-spoken fact that any true intellectual must acknowledge all aspects of a problem, regardless of his/her own personal opinions. An educated worshipper of God and an “atheistic” scientist must each accept the combination of both worlds into an ultimate solution concerning the mysteries of life. Science in itself cannot exist without a basic code of morality or human ethics. Much of religion is based on such morality codes, so even in science which is largely an area of pure fact, there are “religious” standards. In religion, even with the Church’s denial of Galileo’s discovery and countless other scientists, philosophers, etc., the Church or religion in general has accepted the fact that intertwined within religion are certain undeniable mathematical proofs. The two, however much controversy is sparked between God-followers and atheists, are paradoxical views that are on the same line of life. If one was love and the other hate, then theoretically they both would be “on different sides of ONE coin”.
When one mentions such “big” elements of the programmed human world such as The Bible, morality and the universe, it leaves room for a lot of so-called highly sophisticated debates. Sometimes it is so curious to me that the greatest minds of our centuries never talked, they simply did, and were introverts as opposed to the semi-brilliant populace that sits down on a regular basis in rustic coffee shops discussing Nietzche. At times I feel much like the “know-it-all” who finds him- or her-self to be intelligent and educated. On better days I realize that truly, “the more I learn the more I realize how little I know” – Albert Einstein. I am not an expert in any field, nor do I dare to make the claim that my grand theory about life is the correct one. BUT, I do realize that somewhere in everything lies pi. In fact, stating that pi lies in everything is probably too elementary. No, MATHEMATICS lies in everything. Although it is incorrectly quoted in the Bible as being “3”
( “Also he made a molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim,
Round in compass, and five cubits the height thereof,
and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about”

– Old Testament, I Kings 7:23 (nearly identical to 2 Chronicles 4:2) = thirty cubits divided by ten cubits= 3)

, the mere mention of pi shows that even in religion, mathematics presides. In the Indian Koran, the number 19 is found almost every place in it’s original Sanskrit scrolls. The number 19 is the Hindu “pi”, and it can also be converted to the 3.14159… ratio. Even in a state of pure randomness such as the Buffon needle experiment, the rate and length of the needles that fall from one’s hands always turn out to have pi describe the position of how they fell.

BUFFON’S NEEDLE (experiment)

Buffon's Needle refers to a simple Monte Carlo method for the estimation of the value of pi, 3.14159265... The idea is very simple. Suppose you have
a tabletop with a number of parallel lines drawn on it, which are equally spaced (say the spacing is 1 inch, for example).
Suppose you also have a pin or needle, which is also an inch long. If you drop the needle on the table, you will find that one of two things happens:
(1) The needle crosses or touches one of the lines, or
(2) the needle crosses no lines. The idea now is to keep dropping this needle over and over on the table, and to record the statistics.
Namely, we want to keep track of both the total number of times that the needle is randomly dropped on the table (call this N),
and the number of times that it crosses a line (call this C).
If you keep dropping the needle, eventually you will find that the number 2N/C approaches the value of pi! -
The probability on any given drop of the needle that it should cross a line is given by 2/pi. After many trials, the value of C/N, the number of crossing needles divided by the total number of needles, will approach the value of the probability.

Pi by itself has already been abused with discrimination, and with the obsession of minds all across the country. Let’s start with the latter. The following is a list of all the known people in earth’s history who have tried to calculate the numbers of pi :

Table of computation of Pi from 2000 BC to now
Babylonians 2000? BCE 1 3.125 = 3 + 1/8Egyptians 2000? BCE 1 3.16045 China 1200? BCE 1 3 Bible (1 Kings 7:23) 550? BCE 1 3 Archimedes 250? BCE 3 3.1418 (ave.) Hon Han Shu 130 AD 1 3.1622 = sqrt(10) ? Ptolemy 150 3 3.14166 Chung Hing 250? 1 3.16227 = sqrt(10) Wang Fau 250? 1 3.15555 = 142/45 Liu Hui 263 5 3.14159 Siddhanta 380 3 3.1416 Tsu Ch'ung Chi 480? 7 3.1415926 Aryabhata 499 4 3.14156 Brahmagupta 640? 1 3.162277 = sqrt(10) Al-Khowarizmi 800 4 3.1416 Fibonacci 1220 3 3.141818 Al-Kashi 1429 14 Otho 1573 6 3.1415929 Viete 1593 9 3.1415926536 (ave.) Romanus 1593 15 Van Ceulen 1596 20 Van Ceulen 1615 35 Newton 1665 16 Sharp 1699 71 Seki 1700? 10 Kamata 1730? 25 Machin 1706 100 De Lagny 1719 127 (112 correct) Takebe 1723 41 Matsunaga 1739 50 Vega 1794 140 Rutherford 1824 208 (152 correct) Strassnitzky and Dase 1844 200 Clausen 1847 248 Lehmann 1853 261 Rutherford 1853 440 Shanks 1874 707 (527 correct)
The 20'th century Ferguson 1946 620 Ferguson Jan. 1947 710 Ferguson and Wrench Sep. 1947 808 Smith and Wrench 1949 1,120 Reitwiesner et al. (ENIAC) 1949 2,037 Nicholson and Jeenel 1954 3,092 Felton 1957 7,480 Genuys Jan. 1958 10,000 Felton May 1958 10,021 Guilloud 1959 16,167 Shanks and Wrench 1961 100,265 Guilloud and Filliatre 1966 250,000 Guilloud and Dichampt 1967 500,000 Guilloud and Bouyer 1973 1,001,250 Miyoshi and Kanada 1981 2,000,036 Guilloud 1982 2,000,050 Tamura 1982 2,097,144 Tamura and Kanada 1982 4,194,288 Tamura and Kanada 1982 8,388,576 Kanada, Yoshino and Tamura 1982 16,777,206 Ushiro and Kanada Oct. 1983 10,013,395 Gosper 1985 17,526,200 Bailey Jan. 1986 29,360,111 Kanada and Tamura Sep. 1986 33,554,414 Kanada and Tamura Oct. 1986 67,108,839 Kanada, Tamura, Kubo et al Jan. 1987 134,217,700 Kanada and Tamura Jan. 1988 201,326,551 Chudnovskys May 1989 480,000,000 Chudnovskys Jun. 1989 525,229,270 Kanada and Tamura Jul. 1989 536,870,898 Kanada and Tamura Nov. 1989 1,073,741,799 Chudnovskys Aug. 1989 1,011,196,691 Chudnovskys Aug. 1991 2,260,000,000 Chudnovskys May 1994 4,044,000,000 Takahashi and Kanada Jun. 1995 3,221,225,466 Takahashi and Kanada Aug. 1995 4,294,967,286Takahashi and Kanada Oct. 1995 6,442,450,938

Now that I have displayed the computation of pi over centuries, I must switch to the “unpleasantries” of pi. When my mother was about my age, she read a science-fiction book about a famous mathematician who was actively in pursuit of pi, life, and the mysteries of the universe (in that order). As he started to become closer to solving a specific equation that would be a major breakthrough in mathematics at the time, “strange things” started happening to him. His cat died. People he knew for the duration of his life suddenly disappeared. He began to have hallucinations. The peak of the book was when an unrecognizable figure appeared to him and basically said, “ leave it alone or there will be drastic consequences”. But, like most curious mathematicians and scholars, our victim did not believe in superstition or fate. So he did NOT desist in his calculations. One day.. he vanished. POOF. The end. Sure, this was a sci-fi work, but I’ll leave the following information for your brain to analyze. The following is a short list of “strange” coincidences that have happened to people throughout the decades in search of pi (or matter relating to it). As you will see, most of them died suddenly and unexpectedly.:

[R]onald [W]illiam [H]enry [T]urnbull Hudson (1875-1904),

who died tragically in a mountaineering accident. (was studying of
"Strahlenkomplexe" (ray complexes) in projective geometry, and to his paper of 1864 on the surface of 4th order with 16 double points."

Jacques Herbrand

who died in a similar accident in the Alps (a grave loss to logic and to class field theory)

Robert Croisot

who died in the Alps in the early 60ies (he had invented an interesting notion of 'semimodular' and had authored the book Th/eorie g/eom/etrique des treillis, together with L.Lesieur and Mme.Dubreil-Jacotin).

Evariste Galois

Born: 25 Oct 1811 in Bourg La Reine (near Paris), France
Died: 31 May 1832 in Paris, France

“eccentric” scholar who lived solely in mathematics

“Of course, many more mathematicians died in the last century through the effects of the two world wars. Yet accidents, taking place in moments of leisure, in their suddenness appear as almost more irrational. Would Urysohn have died during the purges of the thirties, he could be commemorated as a victim of persecution - yet he drowned more than ten years earlier in a stupid swimming accident. And accidents are causes of death that can be talked about - we do not talk of a mathematician who fell victim to a usual murder, (we) say in LA . “ - Walter Felscher (Professor of mathematics in Germany)

I do not believe in fate. I do not believe in control outside of mathematics. So, the strange deaths of many mathematicians surely must have a mathematical pattern. Perhaps it is nature’s design to not be “discovered”. A magician would not be a magician unless he had the illusive cover of being magical. You can think nature is magic. You can think nature is all mathematical. I suppose the decision one has to make is what to think, keeping in mind of course that every piece of information you soak in may be fact or fiction. So “knowledge” in itself is quite questionable.
Something incredibly hilarious happened to the American populace in “NMSR Reports, Vol. 4, No. 4, April 1998”. An article that claimed Alabama was attempting to change the value of pi was broadcasted world wide over the internet. Over 10,000 radio stations on the east coast discussed the article and an ample amount of mathematicians, physicists and scientists across the world were in a state of alarm, devastation and protest. Fortunately for fans of pi, this article was a complete hoax. The senator Leonard Lee Lawson (R, Crossville) , from Alabama is non-existent, and the alleged Solomon Society that wanted pi to be “true to the bible” is also not a real society. There was an actual case against pi though. In 1897 the Indiana House of Representatives attempted to change the value of pi from 3.14….. to simply 3 as stated in the Bible. The Senate let the bill die after Purdue math professor C.A. Waldo explained the idiocy of putting pi into Indiana law.
It is horrible and funny how easy it is to manipulate humans isn’t it? How sometimes an answer may SEEM like “the answer” or “the problem”. But…. What really is? What really isn’t? Is is all not a game? Is it all not math?
The theory that is humorously described as the idea that a butterfly stirring the air today in Peking can transform storm systems next month in New York.

MY THEORY (IES) note: these are JUST theories.

I don't believe in anything "magical" or "paranormal". In fact, I do not understand nor welcomingly acknowledge any “belief”. There simply is or isn’t. Mathematics does not ask for donations, nor shine itself on television claiming it’s proofs. There is no “hallelujah” in mathematics, (excluding Archimedes’ “Eureka”). Mathematics is a fact. It is in all things. It is undeniable, and just because earthlings do not have enough intelligence to solve life’s mysteries, this does not actually make life’s mysteries “mysterious”. Mathematics is the underlying element of the entire entity of life, death, the universe, etc. There are various ways to find a solution, but the solution is the same. Even in our highest form of mathematics, there are still predictable equations, and at times the solutions may vary but only because we do not take into consideration every possible factor of a specific problem.
everything. can be described through or by mathematics.
magic-what we see at a show as "magical" and unexplainable as it is to us, it is still just a practiced TRICK by a skilled magician.
a. love- has certain steps, every person can fall in love, so even if we cannot explain it, it still is not that "abnormal". It is a predictable process that still has certain stages no matter who or what goes through it. Love is "individualized" according to each experience and perception, but there are some small neurochemical differences, for ex. enlargement of the pupils, heart beat increasing, temperature rising (although this is more attraction than lust) that are found in every person exhibiting signs of love or sexual attraction. Although, one may argue that sexual attraction is very different from love, and to glorify fairy tales and hocus-pocus there are those who stand firmly by the theory of “love at first sight”. Earth people apparently have no idea how to describe love. It seems to them too complex of an issue to dictate by human tongue. But, there are certain signs that give clues as to mathematics in love. Sexual attraction can be varied, because what is beautiful to one eye may be hideous to the next. Yet universally, symmetry in one’s facial and bodily features is comforting to the eye, and thus beauty in itself is quite a mathematical thing in itself. There was a recent research study done by National Geographic that showed sexual activity of people from ages 17-44. Males and females who were more “proportionate” had a significantly higher sexual activity rate. ( please visit and the discovery channel’s website for further info. )Yes, sexual attraction is not love, but it is part of it and perhaps a first step. If sexual attraction itself can already be semi-understood through the world of science and mathematics, then it is logical to predict love also has such an explanation. Love could be 9 dimensional, it could involve factors that we do not think are important, but because it is a “phenomenon” that happens to people all across the globe, it is almost mythical to say that love cannot be explained. Any process that happens in this world is based on a formula, the scientific method requires any experiment able to replicate itself. Life, IS an “experiment”. An experiment of nature that requires replication (from seeds to people). Love is not a rare event, thus it follows a pattern, a pattern is the first symptom of math’s involvement.

subjectivity- every person has a different life and a different story, and different DNA. if somebody knows EVERY single detail(billions of pieces of info.) about a certain organism, that organism's likes and dislikes can easily be predicted according to their individual experiences. For ex., if one goes to a move rental shop, and favors a certain movie over another, it is not a sign of fate if another person prefers the same movie, it simply shows that the first person’s experiences and life lived is similar in nature to the second person’s. It in no way demonstrates a “connection” or rarity.
Individualism – yes, there are no two people alike. There are no two fingerprints alike. But if any human being actually thinks themselves to be a rarity among the populace they have gone absolutely mad. We all are composed of the same elements, have predictable reactions according to certain events, digest food, sleep (even if some need 8 and others need 2 hours). Psychology is a fairly new science, and it may just be the key to combining mathematics with individual variation, but although it is still not thought as such, psychology is an actual SCIENCE, so even those that are mentally disturbed can still be dealt with mathematically.
geniuses- anomalys, 1/220 people. approx. but STILL predictable because where there is no action or no life, life will appear. nobody can stay #1 forever. There will always be “something” better., from aristotle to picasso all geniuses still wear shoes and go to the bathroom. The universe needs its anomalys to progress life.

Disease/mutation- predictable according to factors that we may not take into consideration. for example AIDS, did not appear until 1980's- increased homosexual activity, malaria, dengue fever, bubonic plague, all had histories of events leading up to them. Mutation in DNA fingerprinting is an expected thing, mutation in nature is what leads to natural selection. (Darwin’s finches, Galapagos..). Creatures adapt according to their environments, thus increasing their chances of survival. Adaptation is mathematical because it is simple algebra : if y+z happens to n, what will n do? (y+z) {–/+/ / / x } n = ADAPTATION!!!! Another thing to consider is how helpful medicine actually is. Although death rates have decreased over the years, overpopulation in China and the middle east may kill us all. Nature is the ultimate force. Mathematics is the ultimate force. We are all mathematically programmed to die. If a system is in it’s final stage of completion, it cannot be reversed. A person will die if their system is down. Medicine is human’s belief that they are Godly in some sense. It is ultimately arrogance. HOWEVER… every action in nature has an equal and opposite reaction, so some arguments may be made about “coming back to life”. But, look at it this way: say for ex. LIFE is the action, then DEATH would be the opposite reaction.

myth vs. fact. people believed the moon was made of cheese and that gods controlled the planets. Years later, mathematics could explain both. The human illusion of fate and "god" is a myth because humans are too stupid to understand it yet. Just because simple human mathematics cannot solve life's mysteries, this does not mean the universe is all NOT mathematics. It simply means humans are the stupid ones. (humans still only use 3% of brain energy, even geniuses only use 10, and humans can only see in 3D and even with simple mathematics it has been proven there are 9 dimensions and surely more that humans have not mathematically proven yet). + (humans can only see in a limited color range, cannot see UV light, cannot sense things that happen every day in nature).death-(mortality theory) –
In 1825 a British actuary, Benjamin Gompertz, discovered a pattern in human mortality. He found that the probability of dying was high at birth but then declined until sexual maturity.
After this it increased at an exponential rate. He estimated that between the ages of 20 and 80 years, the risk of dying doubles with every additional 8 years that you live. Gompertz’s law of mortality can be written as
Bx x ae = ì where the ‘force of mortality’, x / , is given in terms of age, x years.
x ì is the instantaneous death rate i.e. the number of deaths per
head of population per unit time. It is also known as the ‘hazard

When the constants a and b are greater than zero, bx ae is an increasing function of x.
Gompertz’s law can also be expressed in the linear form bx a x + = ln ln ì
Assuming that the risk of dying doubles every eight years then
8 + x ì = 2 x ì , giving ( ) bx x b ae ae 2 8 = + .

This equation can be solved to give an approximate value for b of 0.0866.

In 1860 William Makeham suggested that Gompertz’s law could be improved by adding a constant term to give c aebxx + = ì . This is usually referred to as the Gompertz-Makeham mortality law. It has been found to fit adult populations well, with variations in the parameters a, b and c allowing for differences between populations.- The Nuffield Foundation

Keep in mind even with all the geniuses in humanity no human person has lived up to 300 years. STILLLpredictable. (programmed cell death theory). – the theory that every microbe in and out of the human body has a certain stage of life and death, and as we are composed of microbes, each microbe dying or living will ultimately dictate our life and death. (However, I assume someone will have an objection by mentioning certain specific microbes such as cancer cells that are microbiologically speaking “immortal”. Keep thinking. Every thought in the universe will ultimately have an impact on the solution. I have no objections. ) In any mathematical problem there are multiple ways to find the solution. Life will ultimately have the same solution : death. Humans ARE all the same. Regardless of how much they exercise, how famous they are, what color eyes they have, who their parents are, how much earthly possessions they own, ultimately these are all simple formulas to arrive at the same answer. Death IS caused by different factors, but the final determining death is no breathing, no heart rate - flat line. Flat line has no "controversy". When someone is dead, they are dead (unless you have faith in the movie 4 part "the crow").
immortality WILL be discovered one of these days, and it's discovery is still predictable because it is an expected anomaly. Someone or something always has to be better than the previous. Children are always smarter than their parents, etc. It is simply survival of fittest, Darwin's theory is strictly PREDICTABILITY. Why do 13 year olds nowadays get diseases such as bipolarity and mood disorders when 20 years ago only 30 year olds would be affected? Because each generation increases in some exponential form and has expected results (even though they are individualized according to specific cases).
reencarnation- energy is in mathematics. the same formulas will reoccur and HAVE reoccured over history. this "phenomenon" of a father coming back as an ant has a very simple answer. and that is mathematical energy and nature. nature makes the final call. even with doctors doing eveyrthing right on the operating table, people STILL die. when humans try to take control, it becomes chaos and we get overpopulations and the earth's natural ecosystems change causing extinction in certain species, BUT even this is predictable. because NATURE is predictable, nature is math. just because we can't solve it does not mean it is not possible. just 40 years ago cloning was a myth. cryogenics was a myth. now, these things are happening. we will NOT advance so drastically that it is not predictable. every increase in the human world is exponentially determined. if brain % rate increases over the years, it may do so in a random fashion but because it will increase, it is still predictable. even if for ex. i discover a way to become immortal and find a way to use 100% of my brain, I may be an anomaly, but still a predictable anomaly in the sense that geniuses are needed to furtherly advance the human race. we are all programmed. there is a certain mathematical pattern to EVERYTHING.m. more geniuses- all geniuses have very specific certain characteristics in common, regardless of country or lifestyle. it may be an increase in brain activity, or lack of sleep, etc. but even in anomalys there is predictability.n. human beings are inevitably blind and stupid. no matter how smart we think we are, we don't know or understand ANYTHING. life will continue. until it stops. and then it may continue again or it may remain in a black hole of empty space. there is a mathematical solution and a mathematical proof behind all things and creatures. mutations are expected in the human, animal and microbiological race. if all of our galaxy suddenly disappears or explodes or vanishes into thin air, it is veyr possible that it is an anomolous event that happens in a pattern of things that is SUPPOSED to have such anomolous events.

Human-made drugs – Drugs give a false sense of euphoria. The actual biochemical process is such: every person has nerve endings that normally operate as :
xxxxx xxxxx. When a drug is taken, these nerve endings start to irregularly send impulses at each other, and just as sandpaper across a surface will grind, these impulses break down nerve endings. This friction creates a sense of euphoria, but afterwards there is no regeneration effect. Of course this process is only in extreme drugs such as opium-heroin, lithium, cocaine, LSD, etc. Those who already are imaginative enough to create a “natural high” such as nirvana or enlightenment do not need man-made creations to achieve some form of peace (please study Buddha).
marijuana- humans seem to be in constant debate over this issue. Many claim that because marijuana has never killed anyone and that it is completely natural that it is healthy. HMMM. Let’s think about that. Is everything in nature healthy? NO!! Nature creates natural poisons. Marijuana stemming from the cannibis plant is such a poison. It is slow, and slowly coats the brain with a “desensitivity cloud” that over time decreases brain activity. If marijuana has no effect, why are users labeled as “pot-heads”? One cannot label a non-substance user with such a name. Marijuana is still a drug, it is the most dangerous because it is a gateway drug which opens doors for many other forms.
alcohol- depending on the amount (most American beers only have 2% of alcohol, wine : 7%) and the type of alcohol beverage one consumes, it can either deteriorate the body system or not. Winecoolers, beer, shots, etc are extremely damaging to the liver. Red wine is good for the heart and cardiovascular system, but frequent consumption is not good. A general rule is “everything is good in moderation”. Alcohol is a different drug in the sense that the body is still capable of regeneration as opposed to hallucinogenics and marijuana. After 10 days, the body is completely free of alcohol traces. However, this rate increases with increased intake of alcohol.
OTC medications- my previously stated opinion on medicine in general covers my theory on the stupidity of such things. Natural healing is best, but even I use Tylenol for severe headaches, so in some way I am a rambling hypocrite.
butterfly effect + chaos theory- order in chaos in order in chaos and eerily still order ( Buffon needle experiment, Fibonacci sequence in nature, pi’s infinite digits).
- any action, word, phrase, thought, movement one organism makes ultimatlely affects the whole planet, universe, etc. There are certain activities that take place that we cannot possibly account for. If we could in fact, account for every possible, every thing in the entire entity of space, then everything would in fact be extremely simple to predict. Humans cannot predict the weather accurately past 2 days because if studying storm systems in chile, slight changes of sandstorms in the sahara are not accounted for. The smallest, most seemingly miniscule action can either kill something or make it live. A simple phrase can affect a person's psychological state for days, weeks, months even years. Depending on each person’s experiences, their direct actions are predictable. They may seem unpredictable to someone else, but humans are all composed of a simple mathematical formula.

bottom line - the “answer” to life is MATHEMATICS. Mathematics is a calculation that is infinite. Humans cannot even begin to fathom the depths of infinity. It simply is.

- (which is why I plan to escape to the wilderness, let nature perform it’s mathematics on me, and eat nothing but nuts and berries as soon as possible).

Pi in…
The above image is the GOLDEN RECTANGLE. It is called “Golden” because it can be found in everything. Specifically the spiralis figure that is constructed out of the rectangle can be found in everything from a seashell to death patterns of human beings. The ratio of each separate rectangle to the next larger rectangle is 3.14159… - www.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing using the Golden Rectangle in the human body has a very mathematical purpose:


a line and a circle
the substance same
for North IS South
on a different plane

the philosophy of relevance
of music in literature
life is the color
in every head and the toe
if a world were a body
and our “ologies” parts

we all sit aloof
with occasional sparks of the curious
then destroying the patience we’ve built
in attempts to solve the puzzle

it is all a line of continuance
spanning from Babylonia to Japan
from celestial bodies through telescope
to the red carpet of fame.

a line and a circle
the substance same
lines do make sides
and squares are made of these

This is an illustration of the mystery of p: “squaring the circle”.

As is obvious, the circle integrates with the square and they morph into each other, thus sparking an infinite spiralis

This is the geometrical form known as a circle.

(ok, I know,,, duh.)
This is the same circle on a 180 degree flip, what does it become?
A LINE!!!!

= 180 degrees, continuous, just as a circle in all directions.

The remaining arcs that exit out of a square, when theoretically lengthened, become two lines of unequal measure:
These lines : 2x and 2y, when conjoined to form a polygon, compose a rectangle:

1x of 2x

1y of 2y


However this realization does not solve any problems, in fact it creates even further confusion in one’s mind. There is a famous philosophy that states, “when one is looking for something, one will find it in everything”. Such is the case of mathematics, pi, colors, bla bla. Yes, numbers are visible in any universal element from air to music to nuclear physics, but you will only notice it if your eyes are looking for patterns. Pi is a series that contains every known number to man. After exploring on the internet I found a site that allowed users to plug in their birthday digits into pi’s long chain. Pi contains every creature’s day of birth. It holds 12 months, billions of years and yes even days. BUT. You may be asking, so what? Why should the human population care? There are odd numbers and coincidences in everything around us, let us stick to the “ignorance is bliss” theory and refrain from taking the red pill (Matrix, 1999). Yet still when the lights are off, voices fade and you are left with the puzzling questions in your brain.. you wonder. You contemplate. Why ARE we here? What are we doing? Is there a God? When am I going to die? Every human is a scientist, a philosopher, the choice of blocking our natural curiosities is fatal to existence. Pi has proven that all can be interwoven into one force. We are all one force. Every thought is a piece to this jigsaw puzzle of life. So, don’t be afraid to learn. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. And please don’t be afraid to THINK. (It’s predicted that one of you will).

Old mathematicians never die, they just lose their functions. Old mathematicians never die, they just tend to zero. Old mathematicians never die, they just become angles. Old statisticians do not die, they are just broken down by age and sex.

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