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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

for my only truth

I’d like to say what I want to say for you to understand that I am a genius unlike any other before me or after
I want you to need to fuck me like you do with all the porn stars you admire
I need for your mind to worship me as an entity of complete truth, like GOD
I want myself in your eyes
I want you to see me in your mirror
I want you to realize your truest self whilst staring into the magnificence of mine
I want to create the words of a beautiful swan
So that you ugly duckling
May feel beautiful


In torment I stand
Pissed out of rock n roll
Myriad of nothing
I have no sense
Nor reason to hope for any
I am the sky
Without blue


If choice affects consequence
Choose wise pleasures my friend
The sea so vast in comfort
Will wash your time til you end
Wander in your forests
Traipse in insanity
But come back sometime
To this boredom
Of true reality


My mind is a tomb
Of buried secrets
In it you will never dwell
But death will surround
And you it
My pigeons of thought
Poop all over your ideals
Your oh-so sophisticated philosophy
I am proof of the infinite
Cesspool of illusion


It stands like a zebra in an opera house
My giraffe
I love you
You don’t belong anywhere
Nobody knows why you’re there
For you are everything
You are water
Seeping without shape forever
My tiny microscope
Sees the genius you truly are
But the world has naked eyes
They cannot see
That a puddle is a tsunami waiting to happen
Parallel universe


Have you ever watched flight?
From the bird’s first wanderings
To her final destination
It feels to me as a length of symphony
Without a written note
A music I cannot dance to
Nor be a part of
Blast you awful bird
Shut up
And stop time


What words are there to write
A bouquet of silent insanity
Are you crazy
You are crazy
So they say always
I’m just
Too much of it all to be
But I’m expected
To make coherent, grammatically fucking pretty
Sentences of comprehension


Why don’t you like me?
This is my blood
Why don’t you see me
I am my heart
Why won’t you love me
I offer my eternity to you
Why do you spit on me
Reject me with commonalities
I unleash my soul
And you say no with such comfort
I write and you WILL NOT LISTEN


I have pretty lips
When they’re not chapped
And bloom bright pink
I like their shape
They remind me of
Your cute ears
And your penis


Mona Lisa is the omen
Every woman is devil
She smiles as if she knows
And all you men believe
True evil
Knows nothing
You are all fools


Fragile delicate
Not scaly, not freckled
To my chin
But not if I crack it and die


Your furry hair
The fluff of gorgeous eyelashes
Curled up next to my back
My puppy of beauty
You’re so damn cute I want to
How can an angel so pure
Be so seductive
You are my tormenter
My cute kitty lover


Please let me help you
You can’t let help in
You scream with noise
But I see your pink
When you feel scared and
Nervous sometimes
Please let me comfort you
Cook you well done
Or just
Until there is no more pink
Left in your eyes


Stop now
I’m sick of me
Torrent rage of narcissistic
Pornography of me
Has ended abruptly
Without orgasm


My face
Turns me on
I love you my angel
I see what you see
I see you
In my eyes cheeks
Bone structure
I have morphed into you
You turn my poetry into
Sentimental teenage
Diary entries


Guilt washes me
I love you!
Please know
No matter how many
Whirlpools I float in
What minds I fuck on
Whatever journeys
Which are mine alone
I have always torn them all away from
You are my only truth
My love
You are every

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