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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I was once told
to write about
trees, flowers
etcetera, etcetera.
which I will do
when I see fit
but I don’t always
tolerate poems that rhyme
poetry has been misused I feel
life has so much beauty
that I find it
to believe
all we are capable of writing
is of yellow daffodils and tweeting larks
Shakespeare was a genius who
covered it all already
so I will aim for originality
and hey maybe I will write about love once in a while
but the other mysteries of life are far more enticing
if I can’t be a researcher
I will be a scientist through speech
and why
this stereotype from intellectuals
that a true poem
must be a certain way?
I will write about
my fanatic obsession with peanut butter
I will write
about the world
what I see
what I experience
the old man next to me on the subway
and the orange I had for breakfast
my opinions on politics, entertainers, myself
I will write about
my contempt of highschool
how knowledge is not in a GPA
and the hell I went through with authority figures
I will use whatever damn language
I feel gets my point across
To all my opposers : keep your grammar
and poetic etiquette
I will write
and write
until the people of this world
all people
young and old
will love poetry, art, music
and choose books over television
and have a good reason to
they will be interested!!!
and they will read out of desire and not force
and when I read in the future
what I wrote today
I will never have to silently admit to myself
that I had to write for money or success
I will write
just for the heck of writing
just to see a typewriter jet out black words on white paper
the coolness of it
about whatever
without a thesaurus
and I will be blunt
if someone aggravates me
they may be written about
and I am a musician
and my piano becomes angry too
I will sing
without vocal training if I feel like it
and be a dancer with bad posture
I am a painter
with brushes that are so fluffy
they could be compared to an afro
I will be an artist
of nudity
and whatever other “ties” this world may invent
I am sure I will be analyzed
and if not then YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! Free free free!!!!
but it will never effect my style
and any editor that dares to change me
will have my writing to fear
what’s the bottomline?
I’ll tell you the bottomline

I will do whatever during day or night
I will love
I will hate
I will see the world
I will respect every lesson I learn
and every piece of wisdom I fall upon
I will live!!!
I cannot be stopped
either through a computer or pencil or pen
or even death
for when I am thru
if I have touched even one person
then that one person
may one day say

“I am writer
and I will write”

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