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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Anyone can become anything. We are all God. That is what my story is about. Althoguht it is not a story, it is a collection of thoughts which have come through my physical vessel, and have traveled the world many times before and at present. The way I want to arrange my project is a combination writing method using poetry, memoir, narrative excerpts, theories, and all other writing forms which i do not want classified. The reason for this is to break the elitist system of genre found in the literary world. I want this work to be accessible to everyone. I also want this work to be accessible to anyone, everywhere, for free to the public. Thus, the internet, media, tv, pamphlet copies as well as paperback and hardback copies will be used in an effort to show in reality that everything is connected and in an effort to reach everyone. This also will help jumpstart my business ventures to start my own company, with the product being information (particularly health). Similar to google and gnutella sharing programs such as Kazaa, Limewire, WinMx, etc. However, my company will also share all information in addition to just music. Reaching the youth of today is a huge priority, because what mindset they are forming now will affect us all.

to them you're wrong
to me you're right
for all the blank stares
and no replies
whenever you've felt sadness
at times of remorse
i believe in you
you tell them you're strong
they tell you you're weak
they tell you how to behave
what to think
they've been telling you your whole life
all the customs you've learned
i believe you are pure without character
i believ ein your idea, your essence
all will say that you need to become someone else
tell them that
you believe in yourself
I cannot sleep
nor choose to dream
why a "why"?
why a "right"?
the choices sprawled
the decision-maker you
all forces destine a life to produce
i do not want to be an i
i do not want a definition of life
i am. i think. i feel. i do.
i exist without an answer
i exist only because there is you
and you and yous before you too
why must this continue
why must progression produce
stop all the careers
kill the romance dead
i am nothing everything
there is
isn't an end
Zappatista vs. Capitalism
i am a zappatista
you. fight me with your restrictions
i smile and refuse to give in
i will not be part of your system
i will think my own thoughts
you fight with your weapons
my peace is my gun
you think power is the solution
the only hierarchy to advance the human race
i think there's a better way
no lines, no boxes, no limits to anything
freedom you claim
but freedom is inside us all
you are god
you are invincible
but thats not what you were taught to believe

If all the radio networks, TV shows, etc. saved all the money they use for contests, and gave it to poor coutnries, we would have a lot less poverty.
Instead of organization, deliver it first hand to inidivudual families. Better yet, teach entrepeneurship skills to all people, show them that nobody, anywhere "HAS TO" do anything.
It is human nature to fear victory, to stem away from domination. In the human's instincts of self-survival, the definitive difference between the human and many other life forms is the concept of morale. Those without this concept are labeled into many categories, including but not limited to mentally disturbed, poor character, inhumane, criminal, etc. The latter is what fascinates me in this present moment. The criminal does not fear victory. He does whatever he must do to survive to his standard of life. The normal moral man will not do just anything to survive. He has rules he follows which conduct his behaviour. The criminal is feared by the normal man but not respected nor understood. The normal man does not understand the concept of no rules in life, including all things moral and ethical. A criminal looks at life without the taint of moralism. He sees the action and effect. The moral man sees implication, adjectives, and association upon action and effect. A criminal sees money as an opportunity to survive. He sees the quickest way to obtain money: He sees a man with money. He sees if he kills this man, he can obtain this money. Survival. The moral man sees taking money as wrong, morally wrong, because it is easier for the moral man to do this than to work every day for his entire life for a salary. What the moral man perceives as easy, he sees as wrong, he sees as lack of character. What the criminal sees is survival. Survival by the moral man is determined by rules. Survival of the criminal is determined by opportunity for survival.
What do YOU think?

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