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Sunday, November 27, 2005


and what is this what is thatone is certainand the other certain of how certain the other is not
the paths merginginto neither labyrinth nor streetand only few who ever actually meet
the lives of this lifehow varied and bogustruth is the aimed answerand to others there is no initial question
reality! where are you?in the creation of coffee and resumes?tangled somewhere in the mind which does not speak?or do you, my dear not exist at all?
but as i have written this rhymeand have thus actioned a thoughtit could not have been here unless i vomited my mindso reality i ask youregurgitation are you or not?
when one man's desire is another woman's disgustand a scientist's goal is a poet's broken heartwhat else could you be my dear dearest realitythan something that was once
and is now repeating itselfbackwards

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