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Sunday, November 27, 2005


The free-thinkers of the world though, are very observably conservative. Although in their own state of being, they are the sole representation of all that is without restriction and judgment, to the passerby of their path, it is their blatant accusations of all that is not free which puts them in self-made prison. They will not eat a certain food if it is made by a certain company, because such a certain company is part of the corporate world which banishes all beauty from the joy of taste and uses ingredients to make food into a business. And so the free-thinker will buy a box of cereal from a purposely less known company because it embraces the anarchy away from corporation. But ironically, it is these big companies which produce the cheapest versions of such foods and are more able to feed large amounts of people thus helping the world more because of their supposed commercialism. It is the advertising giants of these companies who are equipped with the highest qualified individuals who although fuck with the public in their brilliant psychological marketing schemes, also fuel the merge of art and business in this world. The free-thinkers will always frown upon big-name rock stars who for the temptation of money and glamour, abandon their “live for the music” ethic and sell themselves to sponsor a commercialized carbonated beverage or other widely-used product. But is doing such a thing really so horrible? After all, through this mass commercialization of a name to brand a household product, the individual who controls the power which they have worked hard to possess is advancing themselves to such a status so that even a small village in Timbuktu would be aware of their existence. In so doing, this individual will then be capable of achieving more than would be possible before doing a commercialized self-image. This individual, should he or she choose to, would be able to do anything from becoming a politician to a sponsor to those same poor children in Africa. Regardless of the path that it may have taken to get there, a dollar for a child will still be a dollar whether it came from a rich man with no morals or a poor man with virtue. The free-thinker however would never agree to this logic. It would still stand that if anything in this world is pursued, it should be pursued on the basis of love, beauty, value and truth. And if a pursuit somehow combines the fabric of morality with business, it is wrong. The free-thinkers of our time although dream of equality and liberation from the masses, will never be able to achieve their goal because of their adamant refusal to merge all the realities of the world. The free-thinker is actually lazy, scared, and arrogant, and although believes himself to be such, is not the Einstein or Picasso which he imagines he is. The true free-thinkers of the world do not bother themselves with such classifications and follow the rules so that they can accomplish whatever dream they have. In this way, the corporate ones with their manufactured haircuts and non-differentiable personalities who the rock generation so despises, are actually the ones who possess the freest of minds. It is they who are able to truly change the real world, and the dreamers are powerless in it because they fool themselves into thinking they understand how it works. The dreamers will not go to college because it restricts them from their unorganized lives, but in doing so, actually wind up working at gas stations for 6.25/hour which is a much more corporate job then say a Harvard graduate running for senator of a state. It is the rare exceptions of the dreamers who actually make it in the real world and dream world simultaneously who are made the idols for the mass of dreamers who are actually completely unaware of the real world. Dreamers like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Einstein, wunder kids of the sports world, young actors, young musicians, and such who actually when interviewed have an incredibly detailed knowledge of how the real world operates, but are able to keep their dreams alive by following such rules. The supposed free-thinkers are the ones who claim that they must smoke marijuana for musical inspiration because it brings them closer to some unnamable source of genius. The goody-two shoes who don’t take any drugs, will be more likely to listen to a wide range of music and perhaps play dozens of instruments themselves, but to the free-thinkers will always be classified as academic and not free.

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