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Sunday, November 27, 2005

there is no such thing as an atheist

Nothing is certain
Nothing is everything, everything is nothing, they both don’t exist, and with their non-existence they exist
life = death

There is no such thing as an atheist. Everyone who is alive is alive because of “faith”. Nobody knows why they’re here, what will happen, what is the reason for stars, planets, galaxies, “the universe”, all of existance. Yes they have knowledge, yes there are explanations and rules for what IS here. But there is no explanation of WHY it is here. People live because they believe. All of life lives because of a belief. Bacterial cells have a genetic imprint, a universal core structured into their being that they may not have the ability to be aware of, but it is in them. Why? is everyone such a fool? This illusion, why can’t everybody just die? Belief=stupidity. Both “classifications” don’t even exist, there is nothing, which = everything. Life is death so death wouldn’t be freedom, because it will still be belief of some sort. So how to end all of existance? How to abolish EVERYTHING? life, death, energy? There is no proof for anything, why to live? “beauty”, “truth”, “ love”, bla bla. Why do people have faith in anything? Enough to stay alive...? survival, pleasure/comfort, love, emotion, genetic universal imprinting. They call Hitler a murderer, but HE understood, he was a “genius”. How to do what he did on an ARMAGEDDON scale? All will say, ok, if we know not why we live, then why die, as it is the same thing? Living is probably better than dying, for all we know. YES!! exactly!!! Belief to “die” : sadness, “giving up”, anger, lonliness, lack of love, lack of BELIEF. BUT-this lack of belief is not a lack of belief of ALL , EVERYTHING. it is just a lack of belief for LIFE specifically. Life in the human sense. What to be done? If not life, if not death... A complete.. something which has never yet been understood/that has no basis nor any... They say that it is my mind which is controlling me (“bipolar” schizophrenic, psychological disease, etc.) that I shoudl just and be able to DO without questioning. “curiosity killed the cat”. BUT, their minds are programmed to DO without question, whereas I question without doing. So we are both parallelly trapped. As i am writing this, I am trapped. Neither side, nor us who question or those who don’t are FREE. slaves whether we think or don’t, live or die. What is free? Freedom is an illusion also, but FREE in the sense of non-existance. existance is “work”.

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