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Sunday, November 27, 2005

aLiCe in wonderland

alice lost in wonderlandtrapped in a world she doesn't understandentrapment of mathematical precisionunderlying every pattern of the chaos in the hiddenwhat she seesis not explainedregret and misery armours her from themthey tell her to eatthey tell her to sleepthey tell her to planthey tell her many thingsalice knows something insidebehind every key a door blown by the invisible fanlemon juice unsheaths the truthbut every lemon ripes too soongiven answers down a black holesomething gained only to lose some morewas it worth it you may ask her?to lose a life for an ideal more than unearthed?to sacrifice the truth of loveof first kisses and childhood trustgive it all up she did and did againnever learning the mistake they all repeatedly threw in her faceshe failsshe fallsnever to stopparallel to thisinsanity prevailsbut why did alice dream at allwhy is alice not a bobif she is daft and delusionaland they are right where right is surethen why did alice breathe a firewhy did she not diewhen bricks were thrown at herwhy was she resurrected time and againto be born to suicidal whimhas alice been created derangedin alice's little fucked up brainask her whyshe'll say she doesn't knowask her who she isneither river nor stonewhy will alice never desiststicking to that which all believe is a mythalice will die without a lifeor will she give up her mind insteadwill alice turn into the other siderun up the rabbit hole and tell herself it was a liedid alice fall into infinity's depthor was the fall a well with steps to climbis alice a vampire who sucks on christor is alice an innocent seduced by visions of signalice chose her conquestsor did they manipulate heralice chews on her victimsbut alice looks chewedalice will fly you to the moonbut alice can't build the blueprint to a spoonalice will love you until your blood turns to crystalshe'll sparkle your tyranny into magicbut alice will leave and alice will kill youalice is selfishand alice loves childrenif alice doesn't find what is in her mindshe will keep looking until the looking subsidesas moment it has not ended quite yetif you see her on your street she'll be searchingand details she will never forgetanalyzitation looms inside the glare she'll give youtears will fall when you pierce her soulalice is a cowardalice fightsalice doesn't bleedalice crieswhy did they make alicewhy waste such a beginningshe started out as genius potentialnow a tragedywill alice ever know what alice believeswill they all ever know alice is realshould she subside into what she wasor should she continue flesh into immortal dustis alice strongor is she weakdo you know alice?tell me please